We have seen color trends come and go for nearly 30 years here at Flooring Masters. Interior design colors are constantly changing just like the seasons. The lush greenery, and bright colorful flowers give way to the red, orange, and yellow of fall leaves. Gray has gone the way of the dinosaur this year in favor of greige and other neutral colored tile with brightly colored accent tiles. This has been the most popular tile color choice this year. Combine this with black fixtures for a truly unique bathroom design. If you are looking to find a color scheme for your remodeling project, we have created this article to keep you up to date on bathroom and kitchen color trends in 2022.

White is Always In

All white bathrooms and kitchens are a classic design that will never die. It screams purity, cleanliness, and classic beauty. White will always be a trending bathroom and kitchen color choice. However, different off white hues fade in and out of style. Bright white is becoming less popular in 2022 in favor of shades with more character.

Classic White Vanity Color Trend 2022

Gray Days Are Out, Warm Neutrals Are In

Some still prefer gray, but many say that their days of gray are done. There is no doubt that homeowners are choosing gray less and less when remodeling their bathrooms and kitchens. Most are choosing warm neutral colors for their tile and paint. Colors such as Clay Beige, Natural Tan, Accessible Beige, and Canvas Tan

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Classic White Tile Shower Bathroom

Single Color Trim Is Out – Accent Trim Is In – – Bathroom and Kitchen Color Trends 2022

No one is installing one color of trim throughout their home in 2022. This is the single most obvious bathroom and kitchen color trend of 2022. An all white room is still a classic choice, but most homeowners are including accent colors in their tile and trim. An all white bathroom with the odd royal blue tile to contrast the rest is really brought together with blue trim. The general rule here is that if the room is light, go dark. If the room is dark or medium, get some lightly colored trim and other accents.

Accent Walls Are Out – Accent Trim Again

The one blue wall in a kitchen or bathroom is getting painted over in 2022, and replace with accented trim. However, we have a number of homeowners who are still installing mosaic tile accent walls. It provides a contrast that isn’t so jarring, and mosaic tile accents never fall out of fashion. Pair this with mosaic tile in the floor of your walk in shower to compliment them both. In addition, mosaic tile in a shower floor provides a great surface that is not as slippery as large tiles.

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