When choosing a new bathroom vanity there is a lot to consider. Do you want to keep the size the same? If you are installing more storage such as cabinets, shelves, or a closet as part of your bathroom remodel, should you choose a pedestal sink instead? What style would look best with the new bathtub you have already chosen? We are here to help! Keep reading for help finding the answers to the questions you should consider when choosing a bathroom vanity. 

Bathroom Vanity Size

The most important consideration when choosing a new bathroom vanity is the size. Will all of the items you stored in the old vanity fit in the new one? If not, where will they be kept? The toilet often sits very close to the vanity. If you just installed a new toilet that sticks out off of the wall a bit further, you may need a vanity that has less depth than your old one. Industry standard for space in front of the toilet is 36 inches. Use this number to choose a vanity that will allow a comfortable amount of space between the two. Be sure to think about the lighting over your new vanity as well. If your lights are centered on the vanity, the new vanity will have to be centered on the lights, or they will have to be replaced or moved as well.

Bathroom Vanity Style

Full overlay vanities are very popular in 2021. This means that the drawer fronts and doors extend to and line up with the edge of the cabinet’s front. If you choose this style, and it is to be installed in a corner, it will have to be installed away from the wall to the side of the cabinet. Installing a full overlay cabinet directly against the wall will not allow it to open and close. These vanities are gorgeous and make quite the statement. Do not rule out this style just because it will be set in a corner. It just needs to be properly planned for to avoid the doors and drawers rubbing the wall. If you choose a classic style, the door will be away from the edge of the cabinet’s face, and away from the wall, but many people still choose to install the vanity away from the side wall for a place to store bathroom items that you want out of site such as a plunger or toilet brush.

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Another very popular style that people are choosing in 2021 are floating vanities. They are fastened on the wall and do not extend down to the floor like traditional vanities. There are also some very stylish vanities designed with legs if you would prefer some support, but a similar look to a floating vanity. These vanity options offer less storage, but give your bathroom a larger, more open feel.

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