Powder rooms got their name around a century ago when it was considered crass for women to mention using the bathroom for anything other than applying powder to their faces. The term persisted because it was technically not a “bath” room, since there is no tub. The name remained popular amongst women who continued to use the first-floor half bathroom for checking and fixing up their appearance. In addition, it made a distinction between that half bath and the main floor full bathroom. Since it is frequented by guests, it is important to create a space that will leave a lasting impression of taste and style. If you are looking to convert your aging half bath into a proper powder room, we’re here to help!

What exactly is a Powder Room, and do I need one?

Do you have multiple people sharing a bathroom each morning? Do you frequently have multiple guests over for gatherings? If so, adding a powder room is a great idea that will make things much more convenient for everyone. No more waiting on the rest of the family to use the bathroom in the morning, and your guests will be thankful that there isn’t a line during the party. In addition, you can keep your master bathroom private during gatherings by adding a powder room. However, if there are only one or two people in your home, and you don’t host multiple guests frequently, a powder room is unnecessary.

How should I design my Powder Room?

Much more frequently than adding a powder room, homeowners are looking to convert a plain jane half bath into something stunning. Turning that old high traffic half bath into a place of beauty is a great way to enhance your home’s overall appearance. Read on for some great design ideas!


Swapping out that drab old vanity for an elegant pedestal sink or modern floating vanity will really help the aesthetic. Of course, a new sink or vanity will need new fixtures. Many homeowners are choosing matte black sink fixtures to contrast against white pedestals or white vanities, then pairing that with irregular black and white tile patterns for the backsplash.

Mirrors and Lighting

An absolute must for any updated powder room is a gorgeous, unique mirror. Since a powder room is for the purpose of a guest sprucing up their appearance, an elegantly designed makeup mirror will complement your main mirror, and increase functionality. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to accommodate makeup application without the proper lighting. Choose some beautiful fixtures with iridescent bulbs that mimic daylight for optimal makeup application lighting.

Wall Design

Another popular style choice for a powder room remodel is full wall tiles. Mosaic tiles with creative patterns will really stand out as a truly personalized powder room. Subway tiles may also be mixed and matched for creative patterns on fully tiled walls. Alternatively, gorgeous wallpaper may be applied to the walls to set the tone for your powder room. Many choose their wallpaper as the anchor point of their design and choose their fixtures based on the wallpaper’s color scheme and pattern style.

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