Is 2022 the time to finally replace that old, worn flooring you’ve been looking to upgrade? Are you unsure of what to replace it with? The number of remodeling projects has risen sharply the past two years, and several flooring trends have emerged. We are here to help you decide what type of flooring suites your needs, and keeps you in style. Read below for an outline of the top flooring trends in 2022.


Luxury Vinyl Plank manufacturing processes get better and better each year, and 2022 is no exception. With each improvement, it becomes harder to distinguish vinyl from hardwood or stone. Because it is so gorgeous, and cost effective, vinyl is making its way into more and more homes. More and more people are choosing this practical flooring solution as it becomes more and more beautiful. One of the biggest advancements and biggest trends in vinyl is SPC flooring. It is a click in place floating floor much like laminate, but it is durable, water resistant vinyl. 

Flooring Trends 2022


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Tile flooring is a classic mainstay. It lasts for decades when installed correctly, and resists water damage. A current trend in tile is marble-looking tiles that are affordable, but not cheap. 

Other tile manufacturers are getting creative with their designs. Arabesque, fan, and hexagonal tiles are easy to find from suppliers, and are very popular in homes this year. A huge tile flooring trend in 2022 is Moroccan style tiles. They are making their way into more and more homes.

Flooring Trends 2022


Laminate has been a very popular choice and that flooring trend is not changing in 2022. However, wide-plank laminate is becoming more and more popular each year. People choose laminate flooring because it is cost effective. Homeowners don’t have to demolish the old floor. Just float a new laminate floor over the old one. In addition to saving the cost of demo, laminate has the look and feel of hardwood, making it a popular flooring trend in 2022.


More homeowners are looking for eco-friendly building materials, but still want gorgeous, natural flooring. Bamboo is the perfect solution for these two needs. It has the look and feel of hardwood, but bamboo grows back much faster than oak or hickory. It is the perfect balance of a sustainable material with great looks, and durability. Choose a stone polymer composite core bamboo flooring for high water resistance to install a nice, warm, natural look in your bathroom without worrying about moisture. Bamboo flooring comes in a click in place style with acoustic underlayment already attached. It is very easy to install, beautiful, and functional. We covered bamboo flooring more in depth here.

Flooring Trends 2022


Gray stains on hardwood flooring are being installed in more homes than ever. This color choice offers a lot of versatility with paint color choices, and furnishings. The cool color opens rooms up, and will match nearly any color scheme. Just avoid painting the walls gray as well and you will create a gorgeous space.

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