A bathroom remodel, and choosing some great shower systems can create a spa in your home. Things like multiple shower heads, rain showerheads, and a steam shower can be at your service every morning and evening. Manufacturers have been offering more luxurious shower systems, and homeowners have been choosing to upgrade their bathrooms more and more. It is the place where we start, and end our days, and plays a very important role in our lives. The right shower can get your blood flowing in the morning and help you relax in the evening. It’s no wonder why so many are investing in their shower systems.  Read on for details on how to build your dream luxury shower. 

Choose a Walk In Dream Luxury Shower

If you are looking to create a shower system oasis in your home, it should be its own room, and not at all connected to your tub. A walk in dream luxury shower that seamlessly blends with your tile is a gorgeous choice, and is fully accessible for anyone. In addition, a frameless glass door will keep water in the shower, and prevent potential damage to your floors. Many homeowners are opting to have a bench installed into their showers to sit and relax as the hot water and steam roll over them. In addition, a bench along with some handles make for a much safer shower.

Luxury Shower Systems

There are low cost luxury shower systems that come as all in one panels from home improvement stores. They include the main head, a handheld head, and body jets. This is about half the cost of choosing individual components to install. However, you can truly create your dream shower by choosing and arranging the exact components that you have dreamed of. When customizing your dream shower, you will want a main shower head with multiple spray pattern options, and a handheld head at a minimum. Other options include a steam shower, rain shower, and body jets. Before choosing these options, you will need a plumber to ensure that you have enough water pressure to operate everything simultaneously.

Rain Showers are an extremely popular option today. No more maneuvering to rinse in a shower head spraying at you diagonally. Simply stand under a rain shower head and let it flow over you. It has a relaxing effect that cannot be obtained from any other option. You can have a warm Spring shower in your bathroom every morning by installing one of these heads.

If you really want to go all out, there are shower panels that install into the ceiling, and spray multiple types of jets down on you all at once. However, you will need to make some adjustments to the ceiling’s framework and plan ahead for this well before you begin to remodel. 

Dream Steam

Modern technology has created the ability for homeowners to have a steam room in their shower, and skip the spa trips. Steam is emitted from heads installed in your shower wall, and controlled with a panel to give you the perfect steam shower every time.

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