Each time that you are having company over, do you have to scrub the mold and mildew out of the cracks in the grout, from around the base of the toilet, or out of the cracked caulk around the tub? Maybe you don’t even invite company over anymore because of the state of your outdated, or improperly constructed bathroom? Either way, remodeling improves your health by eliminating moisture problems in your bathroom. This prevents mold spores and bacteria from getting into the air in your home. Another benefit is that remodeling allows you to have friends over without embarrassment. Here at Flooring Masters, we want to save you money on that bathroom remodel along with improving your health.

Remodeling to Improve Air Quality

You clean it up every day, but that ugly black mold just keeps coming back. Why is that? We asked Charles Leduc, the Chief Operations Officer at Mold Busters Toronto, an air quality expert, “Black mold can cause fatigue, sore throat, cough, COPD, allergic reactions, and other inflammatory responses. Cleaning surfaces is only one part of keeping the air in your home clean from mold spores. All sources of moisture must be eliminated.” Additionally, black mold is only one of dozens of types that grow in houses when there are moisture problems.

The only way to ensure that the sources of moisture are eliminated is by remodeling. Poorly installed tile and grout work may need to be replaced, old leaky fixtures may need to be replaced, caulk lines that did not fully seal your tub may need to be redone. If you want to know for certain, call in the experts like us here at Flooring Masters to find the problem, fix it, and make sure that the mold no longer has the moisture source it needs to grow. We can even make it easier to clean by guiding you to the right materials to eliminate cracks and crevices.

Remodeling to Improve Relationship Health

Lockdown was not very long ago, and many people have had to quarantine all over again after being exposed to Covid. We all know the negative effects of being confined to our homes with no social functions to attend, and none of our loved ones coming to visit. However, many homeowners do not have visitors over due to not wanting their unsightly bathrooms. Who would want to reveal an outdated, poorly constructed, or moldy bathroom to their friends? 

What Actions Does Flooring Masters Take To Help Improve Health?

The good news is that we can help you with both of these problems without breaking the bank. If you have a mold problem, we will fix the source of the moisture without unnecessary renovations. We offer the discounts we receive from suppliers to our customers. Therefore, our customers acquire materials and fixtures themselves rather than paying for contractor mark ups. Contractors are happy to help, until a customer has a bathroom that needs remodeling, but it has to be done on a budget. Flooring Masters is happy to help our customers remodel and improve their health.

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