Compared to hotspots like the kitchen and living room, the laundry room gets the least love. Despite that, having a clean, organized, and highly functional laundry room boosts quality of life. So why do so many people leave it bare bones? It probably has something to do with the fact that the washer and dryer are often installed in the dark, damp basement utility room. Even basement laundry rooms are comfortable with a few simple steps. A laundry room has a lot of moving parts—literally. But with a few simple steps, you can have the perfect laundry room.

The Perfect Laundry Room

The centerpiece of your perfect laundry room is the washer and dryer. Here are some things to consider when selecting your washing machine and dryer:

Orientation: With side-by-side, two-in-one and stacking units available, there’s a configuration to suit your specific situation. A stacking clothes dryer/washer or a combination unit will save a considerable amount of space in a small laundry room.

Loading: Do you prefer front- or side-loading? Front-loader styles tend to be more energy efficient, but they may be more expensive than top-loader styles. Its important to take time and consider which loading style fits your needs best.

Smart Features: If you love gadgets, and want to be alerted on your smartphone when the laundry is done, look at creating the perfect smart laundry room. These washers and dryers are controlled via smartphone and will alert you when your load is washed or dried.

Aesthetic: Aesthetics matter to all appliances, and they matter in the laundry room too. Slate and black stainless steel are very popular today, as well as retro and options like white, red, or blue. Start with the look of your washer and dryer, then build the design of the perfect laundry room around it.

The Perfect Laundry Room – Storage

For a gorgeous, functional laundry room, install kitchen counters and cabinets. We need a place to sort, fold, iron, and store all of our clothing, laundry tools, and laundry accessories. Cabinets and counters ensure that the space stays organized, and that everything has its own place. If you have extra storage in your laundry room, it can double as a craft area or home office. Cabinets work very well in the laundry room. Find a style and color that matches your washer and dryer, and work with a designer to arrange them. However, many homeowners design their own perfect laundry room cabinets. Overhead cabinets are great for frequently-used items, and floor cabinets for height challenged family members, as well as supporting a counter to fold your clothes fresh out of the dryer.

The Perfect Laundry Room – Flooring

A laundry room needs long lasting flooring. Laundry rooms get exposed to moisture, especially if you live in an old home that’s not fully waterproofed. A smooth, water resistant surface is necessary in the perfect laundry room. We recommend tile, or sealed, finished concrete.

Get around the “cold” feeling of basement concrete or tile by adding indoor/outdoor rugs that are durable and water-resistant. Create a plush, warm feel underfoot without worrying about water damage with synthetic options or washable rugs that you can toss right in your machine. 

Is The Perfect Laundry Room a Place to Hang?

Washers and dryers get better and better at cleaning our delicate clothes every day, but we still have to hang dry delicates. In addition, all clothing lasts longer when hang dried instead of tumbled. Avoid hanging garments on anything that will hold it. Drying rods and racks and necessary for the perfect laundry room.

The Perfect Laundry Room – Lighting and Décor 

Lighting and décor are what turn a bare bones space into the perfect laundry room. Décor and lighting bring warmth to the space, and makes us want to spend time there. Whether it means adding a pop of color to the cabinets, installing pendant lights, or jazzing up the walls with laundry-themed hangings, a little décor goes a long way in this area of the house. Don’t forget to provide adequate, beautiful lighting that compliments the rest of the design.

Customize the Space to Your Needs

One of the things professional interior designers and home-builders often get wrong when designing laundry rooms is personalization. Only you know how you like things, so you’re the best person to put together all the pieces and create a well-appointed, highly functional laundry space. Let your preferences  guide you, and you’ll wind up with the perfect laundry room that everyone will envy.

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