Do you think that “shabby” and “chic” are mutually exclusive terms? Well, think again.

Shabby chic takes the “normal” and “average” up a notch to feel luxurious and expensive. It’s luxury that looks like it fits right into the average home.

So how do you walk this fine line between luxury modern and accessible normality to create the perfect shabby chic bathroom?

One step over the line and you could have what looks like a dorm bathroom. One step over the other side of the line leads to a bathroom that looks like it belongs in an untouchable museum.

Keep reading for 8 design and decor ideas to get the perfect shabby chic style.

1. Vintage Dressing Table

Distressed and vintage wood is a staple of the shabby chic style. Dressing tables, desks, and small dressers make excellent additions to bathrooms for their unique storage and their farmhouse/country-style look.

Antique stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores are great places to look for pieces to add to the bathroom. Consider doing a DIY project to make the wood look vintage and used to add to the “shabby” part of shabby chic. 

White paint can make it look a bit more modern, but older light woods are also good options. Put one next to the toilet with a mason jar of flowers on top. Outfit the drawers with make-up organizers, and use the large cabinet to store extra towels.

You can further accessorize these tables to make them a bit more luxurious by customizing the handles and knobs. Switch out old rusted ones for bright shiny gold or brass to add to the luxury modern look while keeping the rustic charm.

2. Thrift Store Art

We just mentioned thrift stores are great for finding furniture like dressing tables, but they’re also great for finding unique, old, and cheap art.

You’ll have to do a bit of work to find the gems, but you can find awesome rustic and country artwork for a fraction of the price of new artwork.

The best part? The vintage wood frames that you get with thrifted art is perfect for a shabby chic aesthetic.

3. Farmhouse Rustic Vanity

While you’re thrifting or in antique shops looking for art and dressing tables, keep your eye out for larger rustic-style vanities. Used and vintage options should be your number one choice since the older wood and distressed vibe enhances the “shabby” aesthetic.

Combine that with a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and fresh towels/bathroom appliances, and you’ll have the perfect shabby chic design. 

Don’t be afraid to improvise here, either. You don’t necessarily need to find a “vanity” to be a vanity. For example, if you find an old kitchen cabinet or a wardrobe that you think would work in your bathroom, go for it! 

Shabby chic bathrooms are defined by combining together old and random furniture and decor to create an amazing space. 

4. Standalone Bathtub

A standalone tub is perfect for a country-rustic look. While vintage or antique options are going to blend perfectly with your other decor items, it’s not as necessary.

Plenty of new bathtubs are designed to mimic an antique or vintage look. 

Also, if you already have a lot of vintage or antique influences in your bathroom, your bathtub could be the piece that elevates it from plain shabby to shabby chic.

Go for a sleek white and modern looking tub to offset the shabbiness with luxury. Surround your shiny brand new tub with a vintage basket holding extra towels or with the side dressing table we mentioned in tip #1.

5. Windows

Understandably, folks can be a bit wary about too many windows in their bathroom. You don’t want to accidentally flash your neighbor, do you?

But that doesn’t mean you should create a dark and sad bathroom with no windows, either! If you’re down for a bathroom remodel, add in a few windows to brighten up the space and make it a bit more modern.

Take it a step further by using vintage or vintage-style French windows for a farmhouse vibe. Or, you could make the windows the “chic” part of the bathroom with large unframed windows.

6. Ruffled Shower Curtain

You don’t have to purchase major furniture or remodel your entire bathroom to add shabby chic elements! Something as simple as lace towels or a ruffled shower curtain can make a huge difference.

These shower curtains work for showers and for standalone tubs. For standalone tubs, install a ceiling curtain rail (which itself is a shabby chic decor option!) and throw up a ruffled pastel or white curtain. 

7. Rugs

Rug? In the bathroom?

Yes, you read that right. It’s not the most traditional style, but colorful or patterned traditional rugs add a country touch to your bathroom.

This is also where you can show off some personality! Look for brighter colors like yellow or red to add pops of color. Or if you prefer the minimalist and more modern side of chic, neutrals like beige and white, or baby blue will work perfectly.

8. Color Options

Almost all shabby chic bathrooms have a mostly white color theme. White walls, tiles, floors, etc. This provides a plain background that you can spice up with pastels like green, blue, and yellow for your decor, art, and furniture.

It doesn’t have to be super “clean” white, either. Think distressed white wood/paint, “acid” wash tiles, and even old and chipped furniture work amazingly with shabby chic aesthetics.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Design Ideas: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re completely redoing your master bath or you’re just looking to add a bit of decor, one of these shabby chic bathroom design ideas will work for you.

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