Exotic woods are used to make guitars. Unusual cars from overseas turn heads. Exotic fruits are an exciting experience. Why not install an exotic hardwood flooring? Guests will walk in and wonder: What is so different, unique, and wondrous about this wood? If you are planning to sell your home in the future, hardwood provides a great return on investment. If you are building the perfect home to spend the rest of your life in, hardwood lasts forever. It merely needs periodic refinishing. With so many different types of exotic hardwood flooring available, what should you choose? We’re here to help you find the best unique option to fit your needs!

Overview of Exotic Hardwood

Exotic hardwood flooring has a wide grain that is very pronounced. These woods produce unique colors compared to domestic wood. Different shades of reds, browns, and even purple hues. Some Brazilian hardwoods produce stark contrasts within the wood. From deep blacks to pale brown. These contrasts can even be side by side in one single plank. For this reason, most people choose to use a light finish on exotic hardwood floors to allow its natural beauty to shine through.

Brazilian Tigerwood

It is named for the dark stripes that run the length of the planks. This dramatic pattern is sure to impress any guests. Brazilian Tigerwood is also a great flooring option because it is resistant to moisture. However, sunlight may fade those beautiful dark stripes over time.


Kempa is an exotic hardwood that comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. It contains various red, pink, and brown hues that darken very beautifully with a light stain. It is very durable, and priced very well for an exotic hardwood because it is almost exclusively used for flooring.

Sapele Mahogany Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Bored with the same old straight grain of hardwood planks? Sapele Mahogany has an immediately eye-catching wavy grain. Hailing from Africa, this unique wood is softer than other exotic hardwood options, and has a very upscale appearance. Unfortunately, Sapele is that it is very sensitive to light. Any sections that are covered by rugs and furniture will produce an outline.

Australian Cypress

This wood is a perfect accent to a home with rustic decor. The grain contains a lot of unique circular grain patterns. These whorls produce a lot of character from the planks. It is the perfect exotic hardwood flooring for a cabin style home. For even more of that rustic feel, it can be used for cabinetry or even paneling. However, it is softer than other exotic options, and is best left out of a home with dogs.


Also called ironwood and Brazillian Walnut, this wood is extremely durable. No worries about your pups scuffing up Ipe. It is so tough that you can use it for your interior flooring as well as an exterior deck. No worries about wear with this wonderful wood. However, the hardness of this wood makes it very difficult to cut, shape, and install.

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