Tile walls and floors in your home may come in a variety of styles, colors and shapes. You have seen interesting shapes and colors before, but you may not be aware of the many styles you can choose from. This article explains all the styles you may use, and each style you choose will help enhance your kitchen or bathroom. Consider which style will look best, and consider blending styles in your home to create a unique look all your own.

Wood and Stone

Wood and stone tiles in your home allow you to create the appearance of a cabin or stone edifice without the massive expense associated with wood or stone craftsmanship. You may purchase the tiles in a number of colors, and you can cover a wall with these tiles to create a brand new finish.

Cotton and Fabric Tiles

Cotton and fabric tiles have the texture of a piece of fabric that will make your room look completely different from the norm. The texture of these tiles helps you create a softer look in the room. You can brush your hand across these tiles to enjoy the texture, and your guests may wonder how you got fabric on the walls.

Marble and Cut Stone

Faux marble tiles look amazing in all homes, and adding marble tiles to a room will make the space look much more expensive than it actually is. Marble slabs you purchase for home is very expensive, but marble tiles are not and help you make the room look more imposing. Cut stone tiles can be honed in any finish you like, and you will find several different finishes to choose from. There are smooth stones, stones cut in shapes and faceting that you would appreciate on a diamond ring. The three-dimensional style you get will make the walls or floors more dynamic in every room.

Handcrafted Designs

Handcrafted and engineered tiles, like shown in the picture above, will carry any design you like. You may have pictures printed on your tiles, or the tiles will carry a specific design you choose when making your purchase. The tiles can be cut in any way you like, or an artist can paint the tiles with a new design. You may send in portraits that will help the artist create your new tiles, and every tile in the room can have a different picture. Total customization is possible when you order handcrafted tiles.

Moroccan, African And International Designs

You may choose tiles that look as if they belong in a home in the north of Africa, by the waters of Southeast Asia or the steppes of Central Asia. Each tile carries different colors that you would find in different countries around the world. You may purchase tiles that will make a room look like it belongs in a different part of the world, and each new tile set will help you change the style of your home. Outfit one room as if it belongs in Morocco, and another as if it were a hut in the desert. You’re only limited by your imagination.

You may design different rooms in your home using different tiles, and each trending tile above will help make your home look amazing. There are several textures to choose from, and each texture brings a different feeling into your home. Be as creative as you like when you purchase new tiles for your home, and your family can make upgrades that increase the value and style of your home immensely. And if you need some assistance, please, contact us here at Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers or call (812) 944-6383.

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