dirtydogWe all love our pets, and they are a very important part of our families. However, it’s not nice to spray down your dog with a garden hose. Your dog is covered in mud. What other option is there? Leave muddy paw prints all the way to the bathroom? Let’s avoid the hose because it is very uncomfortable for the dog. Let’s avoid the tub because it is a hassle for you. This is why you want to add a pet washing station to your home, and we are here to help!

A pet washing station has many benefits besides working around the hose and the tub. When you build a raised station, it eliminates having to stoop over, squat, or kneel to wash your pooch. It also saves money on expensive grooming. Especially if you are handy with a set of trimmers. In addition, it keeps pet dirt in a confined space. Take this a step further by keeping all of your dog related items in the same space. You will also have less pet dander and hair in other areas. Best of all, a home that smells more like a home!

Where to place it?

dirtydog bathThere is no “best” place, however, access to water is a key consideration. Pet owners are very creative in deciding upon the best place to wash their dirty furry friends. Once you have found the perfect space for your dog washing station, it is time to design around it. Storage for washing supplies will be needed. Will you store all of your pet’s other belongings nearby as well? If so, more storage will have to be accounted for. When you know exactly what you want out of your pet washing station, it is time to consult a designer to make it fit into the room seamlessly. They will help you decide if you would like to hide the pet washing station away, or make it part of an open design.

Flooring for your Pet Washing Station

When you decide to install a pet washing station, you must consider the flooring in the room where it will lie. Hardwood will swell and buckle when exposed to water. Vinyl is a good option because it is waterproof and cost effective. However, it is not very durable. Tile is an even better option. Very durable, and moisture is not a problem. In addition, it comes in so many colors, patterns, and shapes, you will be able to find tile to match the existing decor. Install wood like floor tiles to match the hardwood in other parts of the home! While tiling the floor in your pet washing station, we can install the station along with tiling the walls to further protect the room from when your pup shakes off.


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