In addition to all of the different species of hardwood, there are several other things that must be considered when choosing your new hardwood flooring. Style, color, sheen, and width are just a few variables that need to be thought over. Lucky for you, Flooring Masters is helping you explore all of your hardwood options to so that you may make a well informed decision about every detail of your new hardwood floor. In this post, we’ll be going over different hardwood flooring color options.

What Hardwood Flooring Color should you choose?

While you may love a more natural finish on your hardwood flooring, it may clash with your modern aesthetic. You must be sure to choose a color that matches your decor, especially your existing paint and furniture colors. Of course, if you have completely fallen in love with a color that clashes with your current interior design, you may choose to redecorate to accommodate that must have color.


Darker colors continue to grow more and more in popularity. Dark Walnut, and ebony are the most popular stains for dark tinted hardwood flooring. They are often mixed for a customized color. These dark stains are absolutely gorgeous, but also high maintenance. A very dark stain shows dust and debris much more prevalently than lighter finishes. Therefore, it must be cleaned more often. However, you may choose to go a bit lighter toward a cool tone by mixing gray with one or both of these stains for less maintenance, or for a better match to your paint and furnishings.


More and more homeowners have been choosing shades of gray for their hardwood flooring color lately. It is often much easier to match up your paint and furniture with gray. However, it is not easy to refinish your existing hardwood with a gray stain. Many are mixing a bit of brown into gray stains for a custom color combination that is both gray and beige. Mixing a touch of ebony or dark walnut stain is also a popular option for a slightly darker, customized gray hardwood floor.

Hardwood Flooring Color: Light

A natural stain is the classic choice. It has been the go to choice for hardwood color since hardwood flooring has existed, and for good reason. It is lower maintenance than a dark stain. It showcases the wood’s grain and natural beauty. When you choose a light natural stain, be sure to consider the amount of yellow that will come through in your stain. Most people prefer a cooler color that has no amber tint. Natural stain is often paired with a flat, matte, or satin finish to enhance this natural look.

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