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August 2019

Hide Dirt in Plain Site by Choosing the Right Flooring

Who has time to push a Swiffer around every day when there’s softball league, yoga, tee ball, poker night, running in the park, and that new Netflix show you can’t turn away from, all eating away at your time? Our busy professional, social and family obligations often keep us away from our cleaning duties at home, and that leaves dirt to just pile up and stare us down. When

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Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money with These Flooring Options Buyers Love

You’ve probably devoted more money and time to your home than any other single aspect of your life. When it comes time to sell, you want to be sure to maximize your return on investment. Not to mention, you don’t want your home to sit on the market forever, either.  Some upgrades are a no-brainer because they cost little to nothing to do and immediately increase curb appeal. Tidying

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Is ‘Greige’ the New Black?

There’s a new color in town, and it’s taking the world of interior design by storm—kind of literally. Imagine thunderclouds rolling in just before dusk, the setting sun casting a warm glow through their steely tufts. Quick—what do you call that color? You’re right if you said greige, a hybrid hue that combines gray with beige to create a neutral tone that’s neither too stark—nor too boring—and has quickly become

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Choosing Pet-Friendly Flooring

Before you bring a new four-legged fur-baby home for the first time, you may want to consider whether your house is ready for the new addition. The biggest question may be, what is the best kind of flooring for pets?  The answer is that there are several great options available that will help protect your home as well as give your little fluffers a great environment to live and play

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Bathroom Remodel 911

Have you remodeled yourself into a corner and have no idea how to work your way out? Before you get trapped any further: Stop! Some common bathroom remodeling mistakes have quick, easy fixes. Others, not so much.  Either way, here’s a guide to the most common bathroom blunders we’ve encountered and how to fix them, with and without (but usually with) professional help. Get the Right Backerboard, Jack, or

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Put to the Test: Training a New Generation of Installers to be the Top Guns of Tile

When Derrick Sanchez graduated high school last June and started working for his grandfather’s construction company full time, he thought his days of tests and exams were over. What he didn’t know was that lifelong learning is one of Papa Ralph Severson’s core principles.  Derrick’s days of studying, it turns out, were far from over.  Patrick Hutchins had no idea either when he came on board a year ago,

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Interior Design 101

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but you can train yours to see like a professional designer by paying attention to these seven fundamentals. Whether you’re transforming your house into you’re the home of your dreams or just sprucing the place up a bit, follow these simple guidelines to find a style that’s right for you. When redesigning a room, special consideration must be given to the

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Top Flooring Mistakes Amateurs Make

Whether you’re looking at one room or the entire house, replacing your flooring will be one of the most significant and longest lasting decisions you make for your home—if you make it correctly. Unfortunately, many homeowners fall victim to rookie mistakes, which can turn their dream project into a total nightmare.  Here’s a list of the four most common flooring mistakes we’ve seen and how to avoid them (before we

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