Your choice of bathroom vanity will have a huge effect on both the form, and the function of your bathroom. It is the centerpiece of your bathroom aesthetic, as well as the place where people spend the most time in the bathroom. The most important consideration for the function of your bathroom is the amount of storage, and you may want to get the largest vanity possible for a bathroom with no other storage options. No matter how much bathroom storage someone has, they always fill it. This always results in many items being stored that are never used. Updating your vanity is a great opportunity to evaluate your use of your storage space, and to eliminate any items that have sat untouched for a long while. In addition, its an opportunity to choose a smart, stylish bathroom vanity design! 

You may want a floating vanity with a marble basin and a black sink fixture, or a rustic natural finish vanity with a granite basin. No matter what smart, stylish vanity design you choose, be sure to consider function first. Flooring Masters will help you make sure that you choose a vanity that functions perfectly and looks beautiful. We are here to help you choose a smart, stylish bathroom vanity design for your new bathroom! 

A Smart, Stylish, Floating Bathroom Vanity Design

Floating vanities have been a very popular choice for bathroom remodels for a few years now, and they are still popular in 2022. The floating style makes it easier to clean your bathroom floor, and the space beneath it makes the bathroom feel larger, and more open. 

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Smart Stylish Bathroom Vanity Double

Double Sinks, One Vanity

For anyone who is sharing a bathroom, if possible, a double vanity with two sink basins is a must. It allows both people to use the sink and mirror at the same time. In addition, it gives each person their own storage beneath the sink. This will save time on hectic mornings and sometimes saves marriages.

Two Sinks, Separate Stands

Some bathrooms don’t have space for a double vanity and a massive mirror. However, they may be able to accommodate two separate sinks, mirrors, and storage. This is especially true in Victorian homes where other rooms are converted into bathrooms. If you are remodeling an old home, be sure to consider installing separate stands in your master bathroom. This will give you a smart, stylish bathroom vanity design.

Smart Stylish Bathroom Vanity

Small Bathroom Style

Everyone with a pedestal sink in a small bathroom loves the style. However, they often wish that they could have some storage beneath it. There are several slim vanities available to accommodate bathrooms that are short on space. Every inch counts in a tight bathroom, and installing a slimline vanity will make the most out of it. 

Smart Stylish Bathroom Vanity Gold

Make Your Bathroom Shine With Gold

Gold sink fixtures, complimentary gold framed mirrors, and even gold vanities are making their way into many bathrooms today. Brass doesn’t quite have the brilliance that some people are looking for, so they are opting for gold. If gold is the finish for you, be sure to look into a gold plated lever for your toilet. Gold is best set on a backdrop of darker colors. Choose a dark color to tile your floor, walls, and shower to compliment the gold fixtures and bathroom accessories. For bathroom color trends, check out this blog post.

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