Artisan tile manufacturers supply homeowners with every size and shape of tile imaginable, but too many options can make designing and installing tile in bathrooms and backsplashes very difficult. Most tile comes in standardized sizes for this reason, but sizes depend on the material that the tile is made from. Glass tiles are popular for mosaic patterns so they come in 1 inch squares. A 1 foot glass tile would not make sense because its size would make it much more fragile. Since there are so many tile sizes to choose from, we have posted this breakdown of some of the most popular wall and flooring tile sizes to help you make an informed decision about your next tile project. 

Mosaic Patterned Tile Size

1×1 Inch Mosaic

These small tiles are most often found in squares but hexagons are also used. Mosaic tiles are popular for creating colorful, customized backsplashes, as well as accent walls in bathrooms.

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4×24 Inch Planks

We’ve written on merits of wood-like plank tiles before, and we still love this flooring option for being the best of both worlds. Homeowners get the look of hardwood with the low maintenance, and durability of tile. 4×24 is the smallest and most popular size available for mimicking hardwood, but these planks are available up to 1 foot by 4 fee t. 

The ideal place for installing wood-like plank tiles is in a room where you want wood, but wood shouldn’t be installed. Such as the bathroom, utility room, basement, or other areas with the risk of moisture problems. However, these beautiful tiles don’t have to be limited to flooring. Creative designers use them for wainscoting, backsplashes, and walls too. These planks are made from porcelain or ceramic materials.

12×24 Inch Tile

This size of tile is mostly used for flooring, but may be used for walls in a large space. Homeowners choose these over 12×12 inch flooring tile because they believe the rectangles give a more elegant look. The textures that these tiles come in are often comparable to linen, enhancing their elegance. They are most often made of porcelain, stone, or ceramic materials.

24×24 Inch Tile

These are the biggest widely available tiles that you will find on the market. They are the perfect compliment to large rooms in large homes, and add to that grand, stately aesthetic. This size is almost exclusively used for flooring because the weight and size makes them very difficult to use vertically for a backsplash or bathroom wall. We love installing these huge tiles because it means that we have to lay less pieces. However, each one must be laid perfectly to keep the layout flush. Smaller tiles leave more room for error. 

Vertical Rectangular Tile Size

3×6 Inch Subway Tile

The ultimate standard for backsplashes and bathroom walls. The classic subway tile is nearly always 3×6, and never any smaller. They are popular for showers and around tubs, but never used for flooring. Subway tile is usually made from ceramic or porcelain, but can also be found made of glass or metal. 


Need to know about tile sizes for your next project? Call or email Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers today for a free consultation.

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