Is woodgrain or wood-look porcelain tile better than hardwood floors? Obviously much of the answer will depend on personal preference, but wood-look tile does have some distinct advantages over traditional hardwood floors.

This is especially true as woodgrain tile floors have gotten better at imitating the real thing. In fact, without crouching down and inspecting the planks up close, most people can’t tell the difference. That tosses the most popular reason for choosing hardwood – it’s warm, homey look – straight out the window.

But looks, of course, aren’t the only factor you‘ll want to consider when shopping for new flooring. If you’ve been thinking about going with wood-look porcelain tile instead of hardwood floors, let us nudge you a little in that direction. Here are the top five ways wood-look porcelain tile is better than hardwood.

1. Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Lasts Longer with Less Maintenance

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime, especially if they’re cared for properly. But unfortunately, hardwood flooring isn’t very forgiving if it’s neglected. Wood-look porcelain, on the other hand, doesn’t ask much from you in the way of maintenance. As long as you keep it swept and mopped (and you don’t drop anything so heavy on it that it cracks) your wood-look porcelain tile floor will look as good after 20 years as it does on day-one.

2. It Can Go Where Hardwoods Can’t

There’s something appealingly rustic about a kitchen with a wooden floor, but all that modern farmhouse appeal vanishes as soon as true hardwood gets soaking wet. Hardwood floors, like all building materials made from wood, are porous.

That means they expand with moisture (and contract when dry as a bone). You simply don’t want to risk putting hardwood floors down in splash zones like kitchens, bathroom, mudrooms and even some entertainment areas like in-home bars and game rooms. Wood-look porcelain tile, however, can handle all of the above and then some.

3. Wood-look Tile Goes Great with Kids and Pets

Whether you’ve got a fur family or a fur-real family (or a combination of both), wood-look porcelain tile will help ease your nerves. That’s because porcelain tile in general offers a stronger defense against children and pets who tend to be a little – pun intended. here — “ruff” on floors. Make no mistake, well-made hardwood can stand up to some abuse. But if you’re looking for the ultimate in durability and scratch-resistance for your family, look no further than tile.

4. Porcelain Tile is Truly an All-Season Flooring Option

Like we mentioned in number-two above, wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity. That means it’s far more likely to crack, warp or buckle if you happen to live in an area like the Ohio Valley where the expression “if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes” can be literally true. You can minimize problems with hardwood floors in such a climate if you keep your home at a consistent temperature and humidity year-round. But that means running your heat or air conditioning whether you’re home or not, and that can get costly. Wood-look porcelain tile needs no such TLC.

5. Wood-look Porcelain Tile is Better for Allergy Sufferers

We’ve got a notorious grudge against carpets for being seething cauldrons of filth, including the way they trap allergens only to poison you with them later. For most people, any type of solid flooring – hardwood, tile, stone – will do a better job of keeping their allergies at bay than carpet. If you’re particularly sensitive, however, and want the most allergy-averse type of flooring there is, that’s where porcelain tile triumphs. Of all the types of flooring, it has the least nooks and crannies for allergens (and other gunk) to hide in.

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