There are many important questions to ask before replacing your flooring. Flooring Masters is here to help you find the answers! Here we go over the 10 most important questions to consider before choosing your new floor.

Question 1 – Does The Floor Coordinate with Your Existing Decorum?

Will your new floor work with your current furniture? If you fall in love with a flooring that doesn’t compliment your current furnishings and fixtures, you will need to replace those as well.

Question 2 – Can You Take Proper Care of Your New Floor?

Are you willing to perform the maintenance and cleaning that your new flooring requires? Do you have the time? If not, can you pay someone else to maintain it? Installing a gorgeous, brand new floor doesn’t make much sense if it is not going to be properly cared for. 

Question 3 – Do Allergies Factor in Before Replacing Flooring?

Do you or someone else in the family suffer from allergies? If so, it is best to stay away from carpet that harbors those allergens. A hard surface of some sort is much easier to clean, and keep the allergens at bay.

Question 4 – How is the Room Used?

Is it a room with an outside entry? If so, it will be high traffic and dirt will be tracked in. You’ll need something durable and easy to clean. Is it a room where kids and pets will play? Once again, choose a durable, and easy to clean type of flooring.

Question 5 – What is the Weather Like Where Your Home is Located?

Solid wood can warp in humid, moist environments. Carpets can mold. This is especially true for floors in basements, and on ground level. If you are choosing new flooring for a humid environment, but want the look of hardwood, consider laminate. This may be the most important question to ask before replacing your flooring.

Question 6 – What Color Flooring Serves You Best?

Lighter shades of flooring make rooms appear larger. They really open them up. However, they show stains and wear. Darker flooring provides a comfortable feel to the room, but shows dust and pet hair.

Question 7 – Are You Going to Heat the Floor?

Only certain types of flooring are compatible with subfloor heating. If you are going to install heating, or plan to in the future, consult with an expert first.

Question 8 – Will There Be Additional Costs?

Will you have to replace trim and baseboards as well? Redecorate? Paint? New thresholds?

Question 9 – Can You Refinish Your Existing Flooring?

If you have hardwood, you may be able to simply refinish your current floor for a brand new look with a reduced cost. A little research into your flooring may save you some money. 

Question 10 – Do I Need Pet Compatible Flooring?

Do you have pets, or are you considering them? A great dane and delicate hardwood do not mix. Careful consideration must be taken when replacing flooring in a house with furry friends. Of course, you can make rooms with easily damaged floors off limits to your pets. Replace the flooring in the rooms that they frequent with something durable and easy to clean.

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