If you’ve got old, dilapidated floors that need an upgrade, you might wonder if there are any rules for replacing the flooring in your home. Good news — there are! Actually, you might want to consider these as “guidelines” more than “rules.” You don’t absolutely have to follow all of them. (Although we strongly suggest you do.)

Why should you trust us? Our decades of experience have taught us what works and, occasionally, what doesn’t. Here’s our list of the 10 most important rules for replacing the flooring in your home:

Rule #1: Newer is Almost Always Better

Technology advances all the time, especially in the flooring market. Besides improving on looks, flooring manufacturers spend considerable effort maximizing other factors. For example, energy efficiency is important to think about when replacing your floors. Quality floors that help insulate your house can cut down on your gas and electric bill. Longevity and durability have improved over the years as well. They really don’t make them like they used to, but that’s a good thing!

If you’ve got old, dirty carpets or stained, worn-out hardwood, you might be tempted to just hire a carpet cleaner or have that “vintage” hardwood refinished. Of course, those options will probably save you money in the short term. However, carpeting never comes completely clean (trust us — that’s why we refuse to install it). And most hardwood(or “hardwood-like”) some floors only have only one, maybe two refinishes in them at best. If you want the best in looks, efficiency and durability, new is the way to go.

Rule #2: Consider Both Form and Function

When flipping through samples or researching flooring options online, it can be easy to fall in love with a particular style or design. But take heed! Just because a flooring product looks good doesn’t mean it will hold up well where you’re planning to use it. For example, it’s become increasingly trendy these days to install what looks like hardwood in kitchens and bathrooms. However, if all you’ve seen are galleries on Pinterest or photos in your friends’ Facebook feeds, you might not know that few (if any!) of those floors are true hardwood. Far more likely, they are luxury vinyl plank flooring or woodgrain tile made of ceramic or porcelain.

The reason this is on the list of rules to for replacing the flooring in your home is that kitchens and bathrooms are high splash zones. Same for mud rooms and laundry rooms. Real hardwood floors, as well as engineered hardwoods and some laminates, do not fare well when exposed to lots of moisture. Water causes wood fibers to expand, which can cause buckling and warping. Luxury vinyl plank and tile floors, on the other hand, can withstand water, moisture and humidity, making them perfect for high splash zones. In other words, be sure to match the material you choose with the room it’s going in with both form and function.

Rule #3: Variety is the spice of life, just not too spicy

For some people who like contemporary, minimalist styles, one type of flooring that can go across the entire house is ideal. But most people like a little variety in life, so you’re probably considering switching it up a bit in between rooms. That’s great, just don’t go overboard. If every room in your house had a different kind of floor, the effect would be almost dizzying. A good rule of thumb is to stick with two or, at the most, three types of floors for your whole house.

For example, you could choose a type of large tile for high-traffic, high-spill areas like the kitchen, foyer and dining room. Then you could use smaller tile in the bathrooms. (Smaller spaces look better with smaller features, like tile). Finally, for bedrooms, living spaces and other rooms you’d like to feel cozier, hardwood might be appropriate.

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