There 5 things this contractor wants you to know about prior to your project. Contractors understand that working on your home is high stakes in regard to your life. Being mindful of these things will have the remodel running smoothly for both you and the contractor.

1. General Contractor Pet Peeves  

Micromanaging is the top pet peeves for contractors. Micromanagement tops the list of the 5 things your contractor your wants to know. You hired a professional because you do not understand how to do the work they are doing. Therefore, your micromanagement will only slow the process down. Contractors stopping to explain every detail of their work will move at a snails pace. Sit back, relax, and trust that your contractor knows what they’re doing. Being indecisive about your remodel is another pet peeve. Constantly changing your mind throughout the remodel derails the process. Those changes ripple onto all aspects of the job. Have a clear and definitive idea of what you want and need before you start the process.

Lastly, being disrespectful to our contractor’s employees is unacceptable. Being a know it all about the project will not do you any favors. You hired professionals and you are paying them but that does not negate the need for respect.  

2. Your Contractor Wants you to know that you Need Prep Before Workers Arrive

Yes, you are hiring a professional to do the bulk of the work on your remodel for you and to take care of the majority of the task, but that does not mean you do not need to prepare for their arrival. Using the 5 things your contractor wants you to know, your project will run much smoother. First, you should make sure you and your contractor have reliable communication and a steady  stream of communication to make sure there are no misunderstandings and that they can keep you updated on  the progress.

You should also have a clear, albeit flexible, timeline with your contractor before workers arrive.  This timeline should focus on the entirety of the project as well as generally progress and scheduling while  taking into account anything that may delay progress such as weather. You should also clear out the room you  are remodeling. Remove all furniture, wall hangings, and valuable items. Clean out cabinets and drawers as  well. Most importantly, prepare to keep children and pets out of the construction zone. Not only can this make  the workers jobs more difficult, but pets and children can get hurt in the remodeling area so it is VERY  important to keep them contained while work is taking place.  

3. Your Contractor Wants You to Know that These Room are the Hardest to Remodel 

Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the main focuses of houses when their value is being determined making  these rooms the most popular rooms to remodel. Kitchens and bathrooms are also the most difficult rooms in  the home to renovate. These rooms are costly and require more workers than the average job. These rooms also take the most time to remodel, making it a slightly more grueling process because your kitchen and bathroom  are critical to your day to day needs. Many home buyers would much rather purchase a home that has the kitchen and bathroom they desire versus remodeling those rooms in a mediocre home later. The difficulty of bathrooms and kitchens is an important aspect of the things that your contractor wants you to know.

These rooms also  bookend your day, making it really important that they meet your needs and desires. Although kitchens and  bathrooms are the most difficult rooms to renovate and remodel, and ultimately the most expensive, they  provide the biggest payouts later when you sell your home because a fresh kitchen/bathroom with upgraded  appliances and a brand new look bump up your home’s value significantly making it a worth while investment. 

4. Common Mistakes Homeowners Make That are Easily Avoided  

Just like your contractor can make mistakes during your remodel, you, the homeowner can make mistakes  during this process as well that can be avoided. The initial mistake is underestimating your budget. It is always  best to assume you will go over budget because, generally, that is the case. Double check the permits and  building codes for your area as well. It may surprise you, but there may be some restrictions regarding what you  want to add to your home that, unless noted beforehand, can completely halt the remodeling process and cause  an entirely new plan to take place. Speaking of plans, you should have a very clear and definitive idea of what  you want out of your remodel. There is nothing worse than an indecisive homeowner as mentioned above.  Underestimating time and material costs is another mistake homeowners make. Better safe than sorry should be  the ultimate remodeling slogan.  

5. Common Mistakes Contractors Make That are Easily Avoided  

The most critical mistake a contractor can make is hiring and assigning the wrong workers to the wrong aspect of the project. You should always make sure to call your employees above all else and make their personal and  individual work experiences as easy as possible. Make sure you have hard working, happy, and diligent workers  on your job site. Believe it or not, a contractor can also underestimate costs and plan your remodel poorly. If a  contractor is using outdated software they are not getting access to the most up to date industry information therefore they are unable to properly plan, predict, and estimate what they need for a specific remodel. 

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