Bathrooms are one of the more popular rooms to remodel. However, they are most difficult as  well. They take more time and more money to remodel. All the while being a critical room in your home that needs to be used multiple times every day. However, the remodeling process does not have to be difficult or complicated. As long as you follow the 5 easy bathroom remodel tips below.  

1. Decide Between a Standing Shower or a Tub  

Make this decision before you begin a remodel! But figuring out which is best for you can be complicated. Who  is using the bathroom that is being remodeled? Children generally love baths so if you have or plan to have  children, putting in a tub might be a good idea. A tub may also be a cheaper option over a walk in shower even  though walk-in showers are growing in popularity. If you already have a tub in your bathroom then swapping  that tub out for another tub is also very cost effective.  

2. What Vanity Style is Right for you?  

A bathroom vanity is the sink, storage and mirror combo that resides in every bathroom, including counters.  This is one of the main aesthetic focal points of a bathroom remodel. Master bathrooms make for a great double  sink addition. Having a double sink makes getting ready in the morning with your partner easier, cutting down  on the time it takes to trade off using the sink. It also helps reduce clutter.  

3. Tips for an Easy Bathroom Remodel – The Toilet!  

A lot of people are so caught up in the aesthetics of the bathroom they don’t think about the toilet! Do you want  to add a grab bar to help anyone who may be limited in mobility? How about updating the toilet all together?  You may be using an extremely outdated toilet. Updating to a newer model can use less water which can save  you on your water bill in the future. Do you want to possibly add a bidet to your toilet, as well, to cut back on  toilet paper costs and help the environment? That is another thing to consider when choosing a toilet. Also, if  there’s no room in your remodel for a bidet, toilet seats that provide a bidet function are also available and cost  effective. Other toilet seat options include soft-closing toilet seats and heated toilet seats. Yes, heated toilet seats  exist!  

4. What Storage Solutions Are Best for Your Bathroom Remodel 

Imagine you’re over at someone else’s house and you’re using the restroom. If there is ever anything you need,  from a towel to toilet paper, the bathroom is one of the more embarrassing places to ask for something you  need. With friends, family, and guests at the forefront of your mind, and to make your life in your bathroom  simpler, consider a bathroom cabinet for your space if you have the room. You can keep extra towels, supplies,  toilet paper, and medicine, in an extra bathroom cabinet. With extra storage in the mix, you can also consider a  stand alone sink. If you want to go with a freestanding sink, the biggest deterrent is the lack of storage.  

5. Tips for Easy Bathroom Remodeling – Half or Full Bath? 

Remodeling a half bathroom is much cheaper than remodeling a whole bathroom as expected. The shower and  tub debacle is one of the more costly aspects of a bathroom remodel. If you have a half bath there is still a lot  you can do to improve the room. Storage in a half bathroom if there is enough room to add it can be a great  option as well as making the current vanity more visually appealing.  

There are a lot of elements that go into these tips for bathroom remodeling. A lot of directions you can take regarding style  and aesthetics. Hiring professionals, such as us over at Flooring Masters and Professional Remodelers, can  allow you to get the input of an expert and guide you through the process of getting your dream bathroom which  can ultimately increase your home’s value. 

Need more than 5 tips to easily remodel your bathroom? Call or email Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers today for a free consultation. We know you only want the best in flooring and remodeling. That’s why it’s important to hire the best in the business, and at Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers, we can guarantee you that’s us.

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