Dogs and cats make great companions. Their company is welcome in most homes, but the damage they do to flooring is not. When you are choosing a type of flooring for pets that will stand up to dents and scratches. We are here to help you find the best option to suit your needs!

Stone, Tile, Concrete

Flooring options like stone, tile, and concrete are built to last. Pets will not scratch any of these types of flooring. They are also stain resistant with easy cleaning and maintenance. However, they are uncomfortable for your dogs and cats to lie on. Tile, stone and concrete also get quite cold in the winter, but installing radiant heated flooring makes things much more comfortable for you as well as your furry friends! In addition, you can solve the problem of discomfort by putting down rugs or beds to create comfortable pet accommodations.


Cork flooring is also a great option for pet owners because it is microbial. This means that if your pet has an accident, the flooring is less likely to grow bacteria or mold, and produce unwanted smells. Cork is also scratch resistant. It is not scratch proof, and not as tough as stone or tile, but much more durable than hardwood when put up against pet traffic. Other benefits include its sound absorption, and beautiful resemblance to hardwood. The biggest appeal of cork flooring is that it is very budget friendly.

Bamboo Flooring For Pets

Similar to cork, bamboo has a beauty similar to hardwood. However, unlike hardwood, bamboo is very durable. It is scratch and stain resistant. Not all bamboo flooring is created equal. You want a type of bamboo that has a high hardness rating such as a strand woven bamboo floor. This type will hold up to your pet’s paws. In addition to durability, bamboo is very easy to clean and maintain. It is also a sustainable, environmentally friendly flooring. A very environmentally responsible and pet friendly choice for a new floor.


Laminate flooring withstands the claws of your furry creature companions, but in a hilarious irony, provides no traction for them. If you have a rambunctious pup who zooms around the house when people knock on the door, the pup will likely do a header into the wall from time to time. This could actually provide a buffer to slow your pet down, but could also put dings in your walls and cabinets. In addition to stone and tile, laminate is also very easy to clean. A downside is it can be noisy to walk on.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring For Pets

Luxury Vinyl planks are an excellent choice for pet owners. They resist scratches and dings, are easy to clean, and dampen the noise of pets and persons walking across them. The only con to vinyl is that their sheen dulls over time.

When searching for flooring for pets, it is best to stay far away from carpet, and hardwood. Pet messes soak into the flooring and stain. Hair gets caught in the carpet. Neither option holds up to the wear and tear of pets padding around the house.

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