With the entire world sheltering in place in 2020, we all took a very hard look at our living spaces. Many home improvement projects were taken on to pass the immense amount of time spent at home. As a result, an abundance of changes has led to some new and interesting trends. Keep reading below to learn some of the newest and most innovative kitchen and bathroom design trends of 2021.

Subway and mosaic tiles are giving way to larger wall tiles this year. You can’t go wrong with choosing classic subway tiles. However, people are looking for a different feel in their bathrooms by choosing larger tiles. In addition, textured wall tiles that literally stick out, as well as patterned tiles, have been gaining ground.

Speaking of ground, a growing bathroom design trend for 2021 is ceramic or porcelain tiles that are designed to look just like wood in new bathrooms. Further, you may combine this with radiant subfloor heating for a very warm and cozy experience every time you enter this oasis. In addition, combine this with some warm colors and you may never leave!

Floating vanities are taking over pedestal sinks in 2021. This gravity defying storage solution is an interesting piece for any bathroom design. It lends itself to a more contemporary design, however, it has so many customizable options that it can fit any theme. For instance, you can find fully assembled floating vanities with counters and sinks already installed. In addition, you can create a truly unique vanity by choosing its components piece by piece. Moreover, assembling your own gives you more options for size and dimensions to best fit your new bathroom. If you need more storage, stick to the floating theme with some wall cabinets and keep it very easy to clean your new bathroom tile! A floating vanity is a truly unique bathroom design trend for 2021.


White kitchens are a classic. As a result, white cabinets and appliances broadcast cleanliness and create a comfortable space. In 2021, many homeowners are changing this up with some contrasting counters, cabinets, and tile. In addition, black granite, dark hardware, black backsplash, and a couple of black cabinets in your otherwise white kitchen creates a moody effect that displays balance.

Firstly, you can combine your contrasting, balanced color scheme with some art on open shelving to display a uniquely 2021 design. Secondly, open shelves have been gaining ground as of late. In addition, they really open up the space, and you won’t wake up the family with the cabinet doors while grabbing a snack in the wee hours of the morning.

Vivacious vent hoods keep growing in popularity. Many are opting to have custom matching cabinetry created to enclose their vent hoods. Others are installing hoods that match their appliances. Either of these options is a gorgeous addition to your kitchen that will help keep your kitchen cooler in the summer.

Space saving solutions are a huge design trend in 2021. A kitchen island that pulls double duty as your dining table will make things more efficient. However, if you’d like to take this a step further, and table that disappears into a sleek cabinet like a murphy bed is an extremely unique feature. These solutions are efficient, functional, unique kitchen design trends in 2021.

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