Luxury Vinyl (LV) plank and tile flooring has come a very long way over the years. The durability, appearance, and overall quality is like you’ve never seen. The manufacturing advancements have resulted in a gorgeous, tough flooring option that is incredibly versatile. It is a great choice for any home with active kids and pets. This rings true because of its ability to resist scratches, dents and scuffs. In addition, its simple maintenance and easy cleaning makes it a great choice for any new floor. These LV tiles are made to look just like stone and ceramic tile. LV planks are difficult to tell apart from hardwood. However, they are a much warmer and quieter option. Luxury Vinyl is a big plus for customers because of its lovely appearance, durability, and ease of maintenance at a low price. It is beneficial for flooring experts because it is a much easier installation versus tile or hardwood. There are many choices in the world of luxury vinyl, read on to learn more.

Groutable Luxury Vinyl Tile

Groutable luxury vinyl gives you the best of both the tile, and vinyl worlds! Stone and ceramic tile is very cold in winter, but groutable vinyl tiles are warmer in the winter months. In addition, groutable LV is much quieter than its stone and ceramic counterparts. Choose a contrasting grout color to really make the LV tile stand out. Check out some inventive, and interesting tile laying patterns in this previous post. 

Flex Core LV

Flex Core luxury vinyl plank and tile has been around longer than Fusion Core or Solid Core LV. It is a more traditional choice for LV. It is very durable, contains a waterproof core, and is very quiet. Especially when compared to hardwood or tile. A con for Flex Core is that any uneven spots in the subfloor transfer through the planks because of their flexibility.

Solid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

Solid core LV is also known as SPC which stands for Stone Plastic Composite or Rigid Core for its extremely firm core. This rigidity means that it is extremely stable, and durable. Solid core offers up the wonderful appearance of hardwood as well as ceramic tile. However, it also provides the versatility and comfort of luxury vinyl.

Fusion Core LV 

Fusion Core luxury vinyl plank and tile combines multiple layers of vinyl into each piece. A very durable, and attractive layer on the surface prevents scratches and dings while retaining its gorgeous appearance. There is a waterproof layer sandwiched in the center to protect your subfloor from spills. It is available in many hardwood plank styles, as well as many stone or ceramic tile designs.

Sheet Vinyl

Please note that Flooring Masters Does NOT install sheet vinyl.

Sheet vinyl comes with two varieties of backings. Fiberglass and felt. Fiberglass is the most common sheet vinyl as it can just be laid in a room with or without adhesives. Felt must be adhered to the subfloor or it will curl up at the edges, and is not recommended for any rooms with moisture problems. Fiberglass does not carry these curling and moisture vulnerabilities.

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