When it’s time to update your home, using salvaged items is a fun and fashionable method to keep you within your budget. If you enjoy scouring thrift stores for unknown treasures, salvaging takes this a step further. Its a great excuse to take a trip out to the country to reclaim some wood from an old barn or building. Imagine your new kitchen with a salvaged antique stove as its centerpiece, or modern appliances accented with 1950s kitsch. The possibilities are endless. In addition to saving money, you will be doing right by the environment. Using reclaimed items is a much more sustainable approach. Read on for some ideas for remodeling with salvaged items.

Remodeling With Salvaged Items – Kitchen

If your kitchen needs a facelift, there are many ways to achieve this without replacing every piece. As long as your cabinets are independent boxes, they may be easily reused. Cabinets that were built on site without backs cannot be salvaged. However, you may still get some use out of the doors by refinishing and hanging them on new boxes. Some old hardware that has earned a nice patina over the years adds a wonderful accent to a new kitchen. You can reclaim hardwood flooring and refinish it multiple times. Update reclaimed lighting with high efficiency bulbs to save energy.

Reclaimed Wood

Utilizing reclaimed boards and beams adds a very unique character to any space. Install reclaimed tile or brick to give your remodel a well worn look that cannot be bought. Aged wainscoting, baseboards and other trim are great for salvage. Plan on refinishing and milling to fit.

Reclaimed Brick and Tile

Salvaging tile or brick is a fraction of the cost of purchasing new materials, and often only costs you time and effort if you have the right connections. A beautiful way to repurpose tile is by turning them into a countertop or new old backsplash.

Remodeling With Salvaged Doors and Windows

Doors and windows can be a bit tricky to salvage because of odd sizing. This issue is easily resolved in a very unique way by placing your reclaimed door on a sliding track. A popular and gorgeous option for salvaging windows is to go after stained glass. Like the sliding door solution, you do not have to install the window traditionally. It can serve as a centerpiece on your kitchen island, or as a divider on the breakfast bar between your kitchen and dining room.


If you can get your hands on an antique, standalone, bath tub, it is an amazing piece for a remodeled bathroom. Antique tubs are much larger and more comfortable to soak in. In addition, they are gorgeous and built to last. The cast iron variety holds heat much better than a new tub. Chipped finish? Just get it re-glazed! A cast iron pedestal sink with a nice patina is a lovely centerpiece to a bathroom remodeled with salvage items.

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