Have you been thinking about replacing your old floor with some long lasting stone or ceramic tile? If so, we are here to examine some key facts about tile to help inform your decision making process. We have put together 4 useful facts about tile so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your home. Keep reading below for the most important facts about tile.

Tile is Renewable and Recyclable

Tile is an environmentally friendly, green material. The installation does not contain VOCs. The source materials for manufacturing tile are clay and other natural, renewable resources. In addition, tile is extremely durable. It literally lasts a lifetime. This means that you won’t need to replace your tile any time soon, and send it to a landfill. Glass tiles are even recyclable! Thrifty homeowners can even use reclaimed tiles to match reclaimed wood.



Mosaic Tiles Can Truly Customize Your Space

Mosaic Patterned Tile SizeMosaic tiles have been used for millennia to create custom patterns and murals on walls across the globe. If you choose mosaic tiles for your walls or backsplash, you can get as creative as you like and truly make it your own. In addition, mosaic tiles now come in premade patterns with cloth backing for easy installation. You can achieve the same customization from a subway tile backsplash, but lose the level of detail that is achievable with small mosaic tiles.

Tile Can Transform a Room

High Contrast Plank Tile Flooring

Another fact about tile is that switching from hardwood, carpet, or any other type of flooring, to tile, it dramatically changes the look and feel of the room. Like paint, you can completely transform a space with one single update. Unlike paint, your tile will last a lifetime. In turn, a tile floor is a much better investment. Installing glazed tile onto the walls of your bathroom makes them much easier to clean, and protects against moisture. In addition to these practical benefits, you can get very creative with the patterns and colors that you choose for your wall tile. Such as a herringbone pattern with subway tile, or an irregular pattern to match contrasting fixtures.


Tile is Extremely Durable

A lovely fact about tile is that natural stone tile such as marble, granite, and slate can last over 100 years. Man made ceramic tiles can last from 75-100 years. Tile is a great investment for a home that has been in the family across generations, and will continue to be. However, the only exception to these life spans is if the room has very heavy traffic, or if heavy furniture and appliances are often moved across the tile. Of course, dropping heavy items on your tile floor will shorten its life expectancy as well.

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