Remodeling a bathroom can be an expensive project, but there are gorgeous remodeling options for every budget. Here at Flooring Masters, we specialize in getting you the most for your money by allowing you to acquire your own materials using our discounts from selected suppliers. To help homeowners save even more money, we have compiled a list of 5 simple ways to save on your bathroom remodel below.

A Fresh Coat of Paint for Your Bathroom Remodel

Even the lowest cost tile can take a chunk out of your budget when choosing to tile your walls in addition to flooring and a backsplash. A great and simple way to save on your bathroom remodel is by choosing paint instead. In addition, you get to choose from thousands of shades, and can get creative by contrasting your tile backsplash and floor with a highlight color on the walls.

Choose Subway Tile Over Mosaic Tile for Your Backsplash

Those tiny, gorgeous tiles can cost upwards of $100 per square foot to install. The more detailed and painstaking the work, the more it costs. Setting thousands of tiny tiles requires much more attention to detail and time from your contractor, and the cost of that time gets passed onto homeowners.

If you are looking to simplify things, and save on your bathroom remodel, pass on the mosaic tile, and choose subway tile instead. A subway tile backsplash is still gorgeous, still has interesting color and pattern choices, and is a fraction of the cost of installing mosaic tile. In addition, your bathroom will still be modern, and up to date when choosing subway tile.

Save on Your Bathroom Remodel When Adding Light

Installing a skylight or window to brighten a bathroom is costly. This solution will bring in more natural light, but is it really worth the cost? If you want another easy way to save on the cost of remodeling your bathroom, choose to install more electric lighting instead. There are some amazing lighting solutions that replicate natural light. However, a compromise between the cost of a skylight, and artificial light, is a Solar Tube. This is a brilliant little device that will funnel natural light into your bathroom through your roof at a lower cost than a new window or skylight.

Make Use of Reclaimed Fixtures

There are plenty of vanities, tubs, sinks, tile, and mirrors that still look brand new available at a fraction of the cost because they were installed and lightly used. Many homeowners move into a new place and immediately customize it, regardless of the condition of existing fixtures. Reclaimed materials and fixtures can be found at Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Bargain hunting is hit or miss, so it may take some time to find something you love.

DIY Demo

Much of the cost of remodeling a bathroom is in the demolition. It takes time and sweat to remove flooring, the tub, the sink, the vanity, and the backsplash. The cost is passed on to the homeowner. Removing all of the old materials yourself will save a lot of money when remodeling your bathroom, but the demo must be done delicately. Damaging the subfloor, the plumbing, or electrical systems will wind up costing even more. Be certain that you know the safest, and smartest route for removing these materials. Especially before you grab a sledgehammer or pry bar.

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