There’s an ongoing debate between hardwood and carpet flooring that’s still alive and well today. Recently, there’s been a huge upsurge in popularity of hardwood flooring and, as a result, many homeowners are looking to replace carpeting with this preferred flooring material.

However, if you are like other homeowners, you may wonder if you should go ahead and replace carpet with hardwood. This is an important decision and one that can require quite an investment.

Keep reading to learn why hardwood is a preferred option. This can help you make a confident decision about what flooring option is right for you.

1. Carpets Get Worn Down

If you have carpet in your home, it’s easy to tell which parts of the carpet get the most foot traffic. This is a simple factor – carpet becomes worn down as time passes and loses it’s soft, appealing body and bounce.

The traffic patterns that appear are inevitable with years and years of feet constantly walking and pushing down on the fibers and carpet pads. Regardless of how often you vacuum or even deep clean your carpet after a certain amount of time passes, the only solution is to replace it. That’s the only way you can restore that new carpet bounce.

However, with hardwood flooring, the material is designed to last and withstand the test of time. It isn’t uncommon for hardwood flooring to last more than a decade before they even need maintenance. This makes hardwood flooring a much smarter and longer lasting option.

2. Hardwood Flooring is Considered More “Prestigious”

Hardwood flooring is a material that demands more respect than carpeting when it comes to the design of a residential space. It’s viewed as being a “high end” product, as well as “luxurious.” This is because the wood is both a natural material and usually, it’s more expensive than carpeting.

Depending on the specific type of wood you choose and the way it’s finished, hardwood can create a sense of prestige and luxury when used in certain parts of the home.

3. Hardwood Helps Increase Home Value

One of the top requests of both renters and buyers when searching for a home is the presence of hardwood flooring. Up to 54 percent of buyers are also willing to pay more for a home that has hardwood floors.

While the exact return on investment for the installation of hardwood floors varies, it can help your home sell faster and for more money. Most people would agree this is a compelling reason to replace carpet with hardwood.

4. Carpet Gets Dirty Quickly

What is worse than a worn-down carpet? One that’s covered in stains. Messes and spills don’t fair too well with carpet, and most people have struggled with trying to get a huge stain out of their carpeting.

Some may even have had to pay for professional services to remove a stain. This is not only frustrating, but it’s also pretty expensive.

With hardwood flooring, cleaning is easier and more affordable. If you happen to spill something you can clean it up in just a few minutes. All you need to do is clean it each week by dusting or wet mopping it. It’s much easier to clean hardwood flooring than carpeting with the bonus of no smells, no stains, and no issues.

5. Hardwood is a Reduced Allergy Surface

Due to the thickness and makeup of modern carpet, it not only attracts but also holds dust and microorganisms. These can negatively impact anyone in the home, especially if they already suffer from allergies.

Each time you walk across the carpet, there are millions of tiny particles that float into the air. However, with hardwood, all you have to do is sweep or wipe the surface clean. This instantly eliminates the potentially harmful particles.

6. Hardwood is Long Lasting

When hardwood flooring is properly maintained, it can last for several decades. Some materials may last for generations.

With carpet though, you are going to have to replace it every few years. What this means is that hardwood flooring may also be more economical flooring. After all, the investment is going to pay off as time passes.

7. Hardwood is a Versatile Flooring Option

Hardwood can remain exposed for the sheer drama it offers. However, if you want to soften the space and get a few of the benefits offered by carpeting, you can use a rug.

You can use rugs to cover as much of the space as you want. With installed carpeting, you don’t have this ability or advantage.

8. Hardwood is an Ecologically Friendly Product

Most carpeting is made out of petroleum, which is a very limited resource. It isn’t natural in any way.

Hardwood, on the other hand, is a completely natural material. It’s made out of trees that can be renewed and replanted.

Should You Replace Carpet with Hardwood?

When trying to figure out if you should replace carpet with hardwood, there are more than a few things to think about. However, as you can see, making this change makes sense in many ways.

Be sure to consider the factors here to get the flooring material that’s best for your home and your family. In the long run, it’s going to be up to your personal preferences.

If you decide that hardwood flooring is the right option for your home, then be sure to check out the wood flooring services we offer. Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers have extensive experience working with hardwood. Our certified installers have the ingenuity and know-how to assist you in transforming your home. Call or email today for a consultation and let us guide your next project.

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