Bathroom remodeling trends are ever evolving. From walk in showers to dark fixtures. From irregular tile patterns to color saturated subway tile. It’s tough to stay on top of what will keep your remodel up to date. This is why we have decided to discuss some different contemporary design options. Read below for some help choosing the best trending designs for your 2021 Bathroom Remodel.

Dark Fixtures

Dark fixtures are best contrasted against cool colored tiles to really make them stand out. Some take this a step further by choosing a sink fixture with a matte finish that contrasts against a glossy subway tile backsplash. Opt to have irregularly placed dark tiles on your walls, backsplash, and floor to further enhance this effect when considering dark fixtures.

Wood is being used more and more for bathroom remodeling in 2021 because it is more sustainable, and can fit within any design. Therefore, from cabinets to countertops to soap dishes and all points in between, more and more wood is making it into bathroom remodeling plans. In addition to wood, fast growing bamboo, cork, and marble are some more sustainable trends to consider for your bathroom remodel.


Not only is marble sustainable, but it fits well with every design. A light colored marble countertop, backsplash, and tile provide the perfect contrast to your dark colored matte fixtures. In addition, dramatic dark marble provides a striking contrast to chrome or gold fixtures.

When trendy businesses started mixing different flooring with unique patterns in their modern spaces, it was only a matter of time before homeowners had to have hybrid floors as well. Use a cool colored tile and a natural finished hardwood paired together for a gorgeous modern design. In addition, if you prefer to go darker, a dark walnut stained hardwood along with an irregular patterned dark tile compliment each other well. Consider this hybrid floor trend as part of your bathroom remodeling.

Unique Tile Patterns

Irregular patterns are growing more and more in popularity. Therefore, a bathroom floor made up of mostly white hexagonal tiles with the odd blue or black tile thrown in provides a lot more character. White says clean, and this design says the same thing but without it being solid white.

The contemporary look of a floating vanity is still quite popular. They hover above the floor, providing easy cleaning and unique design. You can purchase them with sinks and counters already attached. However, you may choose to customize your own as part of your 2021 bathroom remodel. Pair a dark floating vanity with a white counter, a matte black fixture, and an irregularly patterned tile backsplash to create a truly trendy design.

Color Saturated Subway Tile

Subway tile is still on the list of currently desirable designs. However, it has turned from muted toward prominent colors. Bright blue shades are being used for backsplashes and wall tiles everywhere. You may opt to contrast your blue walls by including irregular white tiles that fade into a white tile floor with the odd blue tile in the mix.

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