Homeowners choose tile for its durability and versatility. This makes tile incredibly cost effective, especially in high traffic areas. Tile is the most versatile flooring option that there is. You can choose wood-like tile planks, tiny mosaic tiles, or giant slabs of stone, and they all last a very long time. However, tile does come with some difficulties, but we are here to help you with our guide to common tile and grout problems.

Cracks in the Grout

There are several problems that can cause grout to crack. The usual culprit is improper installation. When the person laying the tile didn’t pack the grout between the tiles properly, over time, it cracks. Any air beneath the grout causes it to crack and fall. However, another improperly installed aspect of tile is that the material beneath the tile is loose. When subflooring is not secured before laying tile, or if fasteners work loose, this causes grout to crack over time. Cracks are the most serious common tile and grout problem in this guide.

Tile Grout Bathroom

Stains, Dirt, Discoloration

We walk on tile flooring, it gets dirty, and we have to maintain our tile and grout. Regular sweeping and mopping helps to prevent this, but at some point, the grout is going to have to be scrubbed thoroughly. The reason that grout retains dirt and stains is because it is porous. Dirt and liquids get into the pores and the grout retains them until it is scrubbed with a mild detergent. However, you may choose to have your grout sealed to prevent this. The grout will need to be resealed periodically. 

Not all tiles are glazed, or non porous, and may become stained too. If you have porous tiles, they need to be sealed periodically as well. The good news with this is you can get your grout and your tile sealed in one shot! Never ever seal non porous tiles. If you are not sure about whether your tile is porous or not please consult an expert such as us.

If you just bought a home and are unsure if your grout or tile is sealed, please give us a call or send us an email, we would be happy to help! 

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Cloudy Tiles

A cloudy or hazy surface on your tile flooring is caused by using the wrong type of cleaning product. We always recommend a white vinegar solution for cleaning tile because it is safe on all types, and free of chemicals. If you have this problem, find a professional tile and grout cleaner immediately. They will be able to identify what caused the cloudy tiles, and know how to remedy it. They also have specialty equipment such as a tile and grout cleaning machine.  

Filmy Grout

Grout collects residue each time that the floor is cleaned, and it is usually overlooked because grout looks clean while it is wet. Once it dries, the film becomes apparent, and many homeowners don’t know how to deal with it. A baking soda and white vinegar paste, and a toothbrush are the fastest way to attack this problem. A professional tile cleaner may also be called.

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