The changing of seasons is lovely, except that each new season brings a new problem for your hardwood floor. Fall brings leaves into the home. The family is tracking in snow and salt all Winter. If you have any swimmers in the house, chlorine and salt water will wind up on your hardwood all Summer long. These challenges affect every type of flooring. However, the beauty and the durability of hardwood floors make them worth the maintenance. We have put together this piece following the advice of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) so that you know exactly how to maintain your hardwood flooring and keep it just like new.

Mitigate Moisture

The absolute most important advice for maintaining your hardwood flooring is to clean up spills as quickly as possible. Liquid left on hardwood causes the planks to swell and warp. Use a dry, soft cloth to clean liquids off of your hardwood. Do not use wet or steam mops because they will damage your floor over time. Banning shoes from your home will also help you keep your floors in perfect condition by keeping moisture off of them. This is much easier to do with a mud room, and adding a mud room to your home is one of the services that we specialize in. 

In addition to direct contact with spills, hardwood flooring is also affected by moisture in the air. If your home is humid it can cause your hardwood floor to cup, swell, split, and create gaps between the planks. According to the NWFA, the temperature in your home should stay between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity should stay between 30-50% to avoid negative effects on your floor and keep it like new.

Prevent Scratches

Scratches in hardwood are inevitable, however, deep gouges are easily avoided by using furniture pads. Stick some of that soft felt to the feet of your chairs, sofa, tables, and entertainment center to avoid scratches that cannot be fixed.

Sweep Daily and Vacuum Weekly

This may seem excessive, but even if no one wears shoes in your home, dust constantly settles onto your floor and can cause fine scratches. A quick sweep each day is especially useful if you have pets because you can keep the hair and dander under control.

Vacuuming Weekly will ensure that you are picking up all debris that didn’t make it into your dustpan. This habit goes a long way toward maintaining your like new hardwood flooring.

Refinish Your Hardwood

Depending on the type of hardwood, and the amount of wear and dear, your floor will need to be refinished every 3-5 years. Whenever your floor begins to look dull it will need a good sanding, possibly some stain, and definitely a fresh coat of finish. 

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