We all love home shows. An old, out of date kitchen is transformed into a gorgeous, modern space in under 30 minutes. It’s dramatic, and magical. However, this is so very far away from reality. Demo alone in the average sized kitchen takes about a week. But what about a full kitchen remodel?

It will take about 3 weeks for your kitchen remodel if it is a minimal update. If you are completely gutting and rebuilding your kitchen, it could take up to 6 months. You can minimize the time that your kitchen is under construction with proper planning. 

The only way to get a solid time frame for your kitchen remodel is to contact a reputable contractor and go over the details of your plans for your kitchen. How long does a kitchen remodel take? We go over the details with you below so you know what you’re getting into.

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What’s the Average Time Frame for Kitchen Renovation?

If you’re just painting the walls and cabinets, changing the hardware, and replacing your appliances yourself, it could be done in a couple of weeks. If you are tearing everything out of the kitchen and updating it, and a General Contractor is coordinating multiple subcontractors, it could take up to 6 months.

Where do I Start With my Kitchen Remodel?

The sooner that you start planning your project, the faster it will be done. And if you plan thoroughly, you will minimize the amount of time that you have to live without a kitchen. 

  1. Sit down and ask yourself what you want from the space. More storage, updated appliances, updated cabinets, a new sink, et cetera.
  2. Come up with a budget.
  3. Can you accomplish everything that you want to accomplish with that budget? If not, what updates can you not live without? Eliminate the others until you’re under your budget, and have a cushion for unexpected expenses.
  4. Look at kitchen designs and materials online to get an idea of the finished product that you’re looking for, and to help your future designer.
  5. It’s time to contact a kitchen remodeling contractor. If you don’t have an existing relationship with a reputable contractor, create a short list to contact, evaluate, and receive estimates from.
  6. Do any of the estimates fall within your budget? If not, are there any ways for you to save? Maybe by sourcing your own materials?
  7. Choose your contractor. They will take a close look at the kitchen and plan the remodeling process while you work with their designer. Click here if you need help deciding between a general contractor, and a project manager.
  8. Once your new kitchen is designed, a contract with a final price will be written up. The contractor will take a few weeks to finalize the plans, acquire materials, apply for permits, schedule subcontractors, determine a start date, and provide a step by step schedule for your kitchen remodel.

How do I Make a Temporary Kitchen?

When people ask “How long does a kitchen remodel take?”, what they really want to know is how long they will have to use a temporary kitchen. And that’s a huge part of the plan. Where can you move your refrigerator outside of the kitchen? Do you have a hot plate? Where can you wash your dishes? Should you use paper plates and plastic utensils until the kitchen is back together? If you don’t have a garage or basement, a corner of the living room can be dedicated as a temporary kitchen. However, many homeowners decide to get all of their meals from restaurants during kitchen renovations. A refrigerator, a microwave, and a lot of take out meals are the easiest solution.

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What is the Average Time Frame for a Kitchen Remodel?

The average is around 6-8 weeks from demo to completion. This does not include planning, finding a contractor, and designing the new kitchen. However, there are a lot of variables for every construction project. The only way to know for certain is when your contractor has given you a schedule, and even then, unexpected things come up. 

Unexpected Delays

Every construction project holds some surprises. Once the demo is complete, it is discovered that the plumbing needs to be replaced or relocated. The old wiring needs to be updated to pass inspection. A gas line needs to be replaced. One of the subcontractors has an emergency and has to reschedule. The list of curve balls is endless. Plan for unexpected expenses and delays. They’re part of life, and part of a kitchen remodel.

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