When you decide to finish your basement, the possibilities are endless. From a home office to a den to a bar, a basement can be turned into anything that you want it to be. Then decisions must be made about lighting and storage and every last detail of how to get the most form and function from finishing your basement. We have compiled a list of things to consider in order to maximize your basement’s finished potential.


Maximize Your Basement’s Finished Potential With Light

Depending on how your home was built, it may not be possible to get natural light in your basement without installing windows along with finishing the space. This involves digging down, creating a barrier to hold the surrounding earth in place, and installing proper drainage. If you have to install a staircase outside for direct access to the basement, opt for sliding glass doors, or a door with a large window to maximize your finished basement’s natural lighting. A light well is another option to bring in natural light from outside. In addition, paint the finished basement a light color, and hang several large mirrors to reflect and maximize the natural lighting.

Maximize Your Finished Basement’s Storage Potential

If you have a small basement, you have to put a lot of thought into maximizing storage. Built in storage is the way to go. We have even installed access to storage within the ceiling between joists to maximize a finished basement’s storage. Things like opting for sliding doors in cabinets make a huge difference in a limited space.


Maximize the Potential of Your Basement’s Finished Fun!

Are you finishing your basement into a home office? There’s no reason that you can’t add some fun aspects as well. Including a bar, billiards, or a video game room can give you a place to forget about work for a few minutes nearby. If you are building a bar in your basement, a wine storage area is a great addition to make to that.


Maximize Fun for the Kids!

Don’t leave the kids out of the fun to be had in your new finished basement. Mats and toy storage are a must for any play room. Chalk boards and art supplies are a good addition to encourage creativity. Make the play room double as the game room. Place it adjacent to your home office to have a place where you can keep an eye on the kids while working. Then take a break nearby as needed.

Make Your Basement Useful and Functional

Chances are that your utility room is already in the basement. It is always best to maximize the utility room’s usefulness with plenty of built in storage. Another useful way to refinish your basement is by creating a mudroom in your basement entry. Then direct everyone to enter through the basement to minimize dirt and debris tracked into the rest of your home. How about a home office?

Home Gym

Don’t forget that a home gym is also very useful! When choosing to build a gym, be sure to account for the ceiling height. Older homes have very low basement ceilings, and a gym down there may not be useful because of that. Another important consideration is the flooring. You need something that is moisture resistant, but also need something soft for getting on the ground while you exercise. We recommend vinyl, or tile in your basement, and covering the gym area with soft mats. Our friend Charlie Pait, an expert personal trainer at Delivered Fitness says that “Creating a blueprint first is important to make sure all of your equipment will fit properly, and so you will know where you need electrical outlets. Flooring is important because you want the flooring to be soft to absorb impact from jumps, but not so soft that it will make it hard to do foot work and cause stress to your ankles. Add large mirrors to make sure you have proper form.”

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