Did you prepare? The #1 cause of kitchen design mistakes is being unprepared. This leads to making choices on the fly and choosing materials without considering the design at all. You have to make certain that each piece of the kitchen will compliment the rest.

Preparation is also needed when choosing a company to help you remodel your kitchen. Check their references and see their work before committing to the project with them. Finding an experienced, qualified remodeling company such as Flooring Masters will help you through the process and prevent you from making poor design choices. In addition, choosing cheap labor and materials is a surefire way to save a few dollars right now, but pay much more in the long run. Take as much time as you need to make sure that you are making the right choices in who you work with, what materials are used, and how the kitchen is designed.



Kitchen Design Mistakes – Incorrect Backsplash

Some stove backsplashes are designed to be an attention grabber, but when they are undersized it is an eyesore. A well designed backsplash extends atop the entire counter and extends out onto the wall after the counter and cabinets end. You can still make the stove the focal point without hurting your design by using a few contrasting or highlighting tiles in the backsplash above it and keeping it understated.

Kitchen Design Mistakes – Choosing the Wrong Flooring

Many people think that hardwood should be avoided in a kitchen because of moisture problems, but that is not the case. With the proper care, hardwood works just as well in the kitchen and will flow perfectly into the hardwood throughout the rest of your home. However, hardwood requires a lot more maintenance than other options. If you would like the appearance of hardwood without worrying about spills and upkeep, luxury vinyl planks are a wonderful alternative.



Kitchen Design Mistakes – Improper Balance

When designing a kitchen, there are several different types of surfaces to consider. Colors, textures, materials, and patterns. With all of these variables it is very easy to throw the entire design off balance by using too much, too little, or making the wrong choice altogether. To keep this from happening, keep things understated. A little bit goes a long way with accent colors and patterns that stand out. The best plan for choosing a great color scheme is to use different shades of the same color to bring your design alive. This will prevent taking any major risks with color choice. Whatever you choose, don’t go with all in on one pattern or color such as wood or white. Other accents should be mixed in to achieve balance.

Kitchen Design Mistakes – Measure Appliances and Door Clearance Twice, Install Once

Inexperienced kitchen remodelers will measure everything perfectly, but will forget to account for the oven and refrigerator doors opening properly. The problem is always an island or other cabinets that are too close. Always make certain there is room for cabinet and appliance doors. In addition, it has to be made certain that appliances can fit through existing doorways. Homeowners having new appliances delivered only to find out that they can’t get them into their home happens all too often. 

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