Choosing the right paint color for your small kitchen can make it feel much larger. If you don’t want to explore some more color options, but are stuck on what they may be, you’re in the right place. We all often use white and neutral colors to expand a small bathroom or kitchen, but there are so many more color options that still achieve this effect. Don’t limit yourself to white or neutral blue by exploring these paint colors to maximize the space in your small kitchen. If you don’t have a budget for a remodel, but your small kitchen still needs a facelift, a coat of the right color paint goes a long way. 

White-white or cream are the obvious choices, but you don’t have to be limited to those. Light green, yellow, blue, or gray goes a long way for refracting the natural light in your small kitchen. These light colors give a look of continuity, and the added light makes the space appear larger.

Two Tone Contrasts

For colors to stand out, they need something to contrast against. Make your dark counters and appliances pop with light colored walls to make them all stand out against one another. This can be further enhanced by choosing a neutral color tile for your backsplash, but adding dark tiles that match your counter in irregular places. In addition, another way to take advantage of two tone contrasts is by painting your kitchen cabinets a cool, neutral paint color, then painting the doors a bright or dark contrast. 

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Kitchen Paint Colors

Contrasting Cabinets

If you don’t like the idea of having your cabinet doors contrasting the rest of the cabinet, many homeowners opt to paint their floor cabinets a light color matching the walls, while choosing a deep or dark color for the upper cabinets. This creates the illusion of more height in a small kitchen and makes all of the cabinets shine. It is a great way to enhance your small kitchen with paint colors.

Create Your Own Sunshine

A light yellow coat of paint refracts the natural light in your kitchen and expands the space. In addition, when the sun goes down, your kitchen lighting brighten up even more with this color choice. You get to be in the sun day or night in a light yellow kitchen. 

Kitchen Paint Colors

Light Neutrals

Light neutrals are a more modest paint color choice to open up the appearance in your small kitchen. If you are looking for something understated, painting the kitchen a light neutral without all the contrast achieves this. Light neutrals are the perfect choice for a kitchen with limited natural light because of their ability to reflect the light and brighten the entire room. 


Blue has a calming effect, and multiple shades can be used in your kitchen to make each item stand out. A neutral blue coat of paint with a light blue backsplash, and some royal blue accent tiles makes a gorgeous presentation, and matches so much other decorum that you can choose from.

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