Pet Friendly Remodeling Design Ideas

Our pups and cats are part of the family, but homes are not designed with them in mind. Is your home cluttered with pet related items like dog toys, and scratching posts? Remodeling designs with your pets in mind can fix this problem. There are many things we can do to better accommodate our four legged friends, and Flooring Masters has created this list of pet friendly remodeling and design ideas so you can make your home more pet friendly, and pet damage proof.

1. Use a Single Entry for Fido

By only ever using one door to bring your pup in and out, you keep their paws from tracking mud and moisture in more places that you will have to clean. If you would like to completely prevent muddy paw prints in your home, check out our blog post about adding a pet washing station to your mud room. This is the most pet friendly remodeling and design idea there is, and its even more owner clean up friendly!

2. Let Them Look Outside

Keep the blinds and curtains open as much as possible because every pet loves to look outside. Dogs love to bark at squirrels and birds and sometimes nothing at all. Let them have some entertainment by keeping the outdoors visible for them.

3. Choose Durable Flooring For Your Pet Friendly Remodeling and Design

This is the most important part of making your home pet friendly. You can never get the dander and hair out of carpet. Hardwood floors get scratched by cat claws and dog paws. Choose a durable flooring that is easy to clean and stands up to pet stains. Laminate flooring withstands scratching, and is easy to replace. Tile doesn’t get scratched by paws, and lasts forever. Luxury Vinyl planks are a low cost option that are not susceptible to pet stains.Pet Friendly Remodeling Design Ideas

4. Avoid Chewing and Hair On Furniture

Any exposed wooden parts on furniture are going to look like a chew toy to a young dog. Choose metal, or completely upholstered furniture to avoid this. When choosing your pet friendly furniture, go with something smooth like leather or a synthetic. This will allow for easy pet hair clean up. 

5. Pick a Play Place

You don’t want toys all over the place, so choose a dedicated space to keep your pet’s toys, and be sure to always play with them there. This will teach your pet where their place for fun is, and where to keep their toys. In addition, this makes toy clean up much easier.

6. Hide the Food and Water

Pets need to eat, but they don’t need access to food at all hours. After feeding time is over, put the food bowls away somewhere to keep your house looking seamless. Another great move is putting the water bowl in the utility room or garage or any room with less traffic, and a floor that is easy to clean.

7. Paint Texture Matters

Pet hair will stick to matte finishes. Go with a semi gloss or satin paint to keep it from growing fur.

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