You’re ready to replace the floors in your home, but can’t make up your mind: Porcelain vs. vinyl. Which should you choose to install? There’s a great case to be made for either, and a lot of it comes down to personal preference and style. That said, and even though we’re big fans of luxury vinyl plank (or LVP), today we’re going to argue on the side of porcelain.

When most people think “tile,” their imagination immediately goes to bathrooms and kitchens. But not only is it possible to tile your whole home, there are a number of distinct advantages to doing so. Porcelain tile, especially, offers some advantages over LVP that may sway your decision.

To help you figure out which type of flooring will look and perform best in your home, here are the top five ways that porcelain tile is better than hardwood:

If It’s Looks You’re Going For, Porcelain Beats Vinyl

The first thing fans of LVP floors do when challenged to defend against porcelain tile is to sing the praises of luxury vinyl plank’s appearance. It can look like wood or stone or anything else you want it to look like, they’ll boast, and we can’t disagree. But what they fail to acknowledge is that porcelain tile can be all those things and more as well. Not only that, but porcelain looks even better than LVP when it does imitate woodgrain or stone. We love LVP, but we think porcelain is the MVP in the porcelain vs. vinyl debate regarding looks, hands down.

Porcelain Tile Works for You, Not the Other Way Around

There’s simply no such thing as a maintenance-free plank flooring, no matter how much a manufacturer might claim. Over the years you’ll have to sweep, scrub and polish your LVP floors to keep them looking their absolute best. Porcelain tile, however, is about as low-maintenance as you can get. Aside from regular cleaning (sweeping and mopping), once your porcelain tile has been installed properly, you should get years of enjoyment out of it without any extra effort on your part. Wait, you say — what about grout? Grout has come a long way since the olden days. In 2020, grout is stain-proof and never needs additional cleaning. That’s why, in the porcelain vs. vinyl round on maintenance, it’s a close call but porcelain edges out vinyl by a hair.

Porcelain is Water Resistant: LVP is Too, But Only Sort Of

If you’re thinking of doing your whole home, or even just an entire level of your home, in a single flooring product, you can’t really do it in luxury vinyl plank. Why? Because even though LVP floors are made of plastic, they aren’t entirely water resistant. Luxury vinyl plank flooring really ought not be used in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and other areas with high humidity and moisture, but porcelain tile can — and should — be.

Porcelain Tile is Harder Than Granite

Not only is it more water resistant, however, but porcelain tile is also much more durable than luxury vinyl plank. Floors made of LVP are easily dented or scratched, but porcelain is one of the hardest, densest, toughest flooring materials available. It’s even harder than granite! That means you’ll almost never do any damage to your floors, even if you’ve got pets with their claws or children running around on them for years to come. In terms of sheer strength, porcelain crushes in the porcelain vs. vinyl debate.

Porcelain vs. Vinyl: Porcelain is Easier to Clean, Stays Cleaner

Finally, there’s the very simple and practical but also very important fact that tile floors are completely sealed (that’s why they’re more waterproof than LVP). That means there aren’t a lot of places for dirt, germs and grime to hide. When you sweep and mop a porcelain floor, it’s easier to make sure you get everything up off the floor. Luxury vinyl plank floors are full of nooks and crannies where the yuck can hide. If you’re a clean-freak, then porcelain is the obvious choice in the porcelain vs. vinyl debate.

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