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Remodeling for Accessible Living

Sometimes injury, disability or even just the normal effects of aging make it more difficult for one or more occupants of a home to access basic utilities, such as the bath or shower, toilet and sinks. If the thought of moving to an assisted living community seems too drastic a measure, there is another option: remodeling. With just a few modifications and adjustments, almost any home can be remodeled

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Bathroom Remodeling for Accessible Living

As more and more people choose to age at home, there is an increased demand for bathrooms for the disabled and those with limited mobility. At Flooring Masters & Professional Remodelers, we have a few suggestions on bathroom remodeling for accessible living. The Handicapped Bathroom – Before the Remodel There are many things to consider when starting accessible bathroom remodels. One of the most important is the floor itself:

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