The pandemic induced home improvement boom came with a shortage of lumber and materials as well as a huge surge in prices. Thankfully, lumber prices are back to pre pandemic levels as people have gone back to work so that supply is meeting demand. In addition, low interest rates are a great incentive to give renovation plans the green light. Homeowners who were waiting for the price drop usually have a few specific needs in mind. These are the latest trends in home improvement needs in 2021.

Eco Friendly Homes

Environmentally centered renovations are rising rapidly. Homeowners are making their remodeling choices based on how they can create a more energy efficient home and reduce their carbon footprint. This trend in home improvement needs starts with upgrading to more energy efficient modern appliances, fixtures that use less water, and improving insulation. Homeowners looking to do everything possible to help the environment are going as far as switching to geothermal heating, installing solar panels, and collecting rainwater.

Competitive Pricing

With the demand for renovations increasing comes more competitive pricing from contractors. This trend in home improvement needs looks like a great thing for homeowners, but buyers should beware. Unlicensed contractors will be looking to take a piece of the increased demand by undercutting reputable professionals.

If a company did not come highly recommended by a trusted friend or family member, homeowners should vet home services companies thoroughly before hiring them. This can be done by asking for references and checking reviews online. Some homeowners seek out past customers through social media that were not given as references. This gives the homeowner the benefit of getting a more honest review. At the very least, look for a company in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Going with the cheapest option, and not looking into their background will cost much more than hiring licensed, trusted professionals with a phenomenal reputation such as Flooring Masters. 

A Company with Multiple Skills and Flexibility

Contractors have become more and more specialized. One company frames, another company installs drywall, another company installs flooring, another company installs cabinets, and so on. The only companies left that have the skills to remodel a bathroom top to bottom are small family owned operations such as Flooring Masters, and by having multiple skill sets within the company we save the homeowner the cost of hiring subcontractors. We also have the flexibility to work around our customer’s schedules by booking projects months in advance. Small family companies remain nimble and highly adaptable compared to our larger counterparts, and remaining adaptable is the most important skill that a person or company can have. Finding a flexible, skillful contractor that you can create a personal relationship with is the most important trend in home improvement needs in 2021.

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