There are some unbelievably gorgeous tile trends in 2022. We are green with envy from all of the green tiles that we have been installing this year. Natural stone slabs are crawling from countertops up the walls. From tile that mimics wallpaper to metallic to flowery tiles, we have compiled a list of tile trends we love in 2022. 

Tile Trends We Love In 2022

Green is a Tile Trend We Love in 2022

It seems that every remodel that we have done in 2022 has turned something green. You can turn your friends and neighbors green with envy by installing an emerald green subway tile backsplash in the kitchen, or tiling your entire bathroom a cool green color with some bright emerald accents. In addition, green home interiors have a calming effect, just like being in the lush green landscape of a forest. Consider some shades of green for your next tile project to keep with the tile trends we love in 2022.

Plant Patterns are a Tile Trend We Love in 2022

Keeping with the green trend, everyone installing tiles with botanical faces, then saying “It’s a jungle in here!” Plant printed tiles are making their way into more and more homes. There are many flower patterns available. However, the most popular pattern is palm fronds and this is a tile trend that we love in 2022.

Tile Trends We Love In 2022Metallics

On the other end of the 2022 tile trend spectrum are metallic tiles. Far away from cool shades of green and plant patterns are metallic tiles that look modern and rustic at the same time. These tiles are great to use as accents to really make the rest of your tile pop. Copper, gold, and bronze tones have a very warm feel and will make your bathroom shimmer.

Earth Tones

If you are looking for a happy median between metallics, and botanicals, earth tones fall perfectly into that category. However, an earth toned bathroom or backsplash with some bright, natural green accent tiles is a beautiful design. The neutral earth toned tile trend has pushed white out of many bathrooms, and created warmth and excitement in many bathrooms.

The Wallpaper Tile Trend We Love in 2022

You read that correctly. Wallpaper tiles are growing in popularity every day. You get the beautiful patterns of wallpaper along with the long lasting durability, and water resistance of tile. It is a perfect marriage of form and function, and the perfect choice for an accent wall, recess, backsplash, or floor accent. The large porcelain and ceramic tiles are stunning and every homeowner must consider wallpaper tile during their remodel.

Stone Slabs

Large slabs of amazing natural stone are finding their way into more and more homes. This may be the biggest tile trend we love in 2022, and we mean that in more way than one. Floor to ceiling slabs of marble or granite are being installed in homes each day, and the beauty that they display is incredible. Homeowners remodeling kitchens are frequently installing custom cut granite slabs for their backsplash to match their new countertops in 2022. Some are taking these slabs around their cabinets and all the way to the ceiling!

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