The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation says that Certified Tile Installers routinely demonstrate the knowledge, skill, experience, time management abilities and other traits needed to produce high quality, long lasting, successful installations using tile industry standards and methods along with time-tested proven best practices which are in place in the United States.” The CTEF created the certification to give homeowners an easy way to verify that they were hiring a qualified contractor to install their tile.

Becoming a Certified Tile Installer is no easy feat. You must have two years of experience as a lead installer before you can even take the exam, and tile installers have to work for years before becoming a lead. This certification is the only 3rd party assessment of a tile installer’s skill that is recognized by the tile industry. When an installer receives this certification, homeowners know that they are getting top tier talent to install their tile. 

The CTI program is a comprehensive assessment of the skills and knowledge of an installer, and it ensures that their work is quality oriented. There are two parts to the examination. A 155 question test, and a real world hands on installation exam. Installers are required to complete the tile installation in under 8 hours. This ensures that homeowners are not being charged extra time for labor. Taking two days to complete a one day job. These tests require that the observable, and unobservable parts of a finished installation are executed correctly. In short, the tile set by a Certified Tile Installer is installed to last and look great for many years to come. Tile Certification puts homeowner’s minds at ease at a glance. You know that you are going to have top quality craftsmanship from a Certified Tile Installer.

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Does a Cheaper, Non-Certified Installer Provide More Value? 

In a word, no. A cheap estimate on tile installation does not come with the safeguards for homeowners that we have in place. We are certified tile installers, fully insured, and stand behind every tile we set. Opting to have a cheaper installer do the work can result in all kinds of problems. It may look fine when they finish, but tiles come loose a few months later. At some point, the quality of the work will show, and it won’t be pretty. What if they hurt themselves on the job and are not insured? No matter who you hire, make certain that you have researched the company. 

Tile is a very permanent installation. It is vital to choose the most qualified professionals for the job. If you’re near New Albany Indiana, that’s us, and we have the certifications to prove it. In addition to our leads being Certified Tile Installers, we are also Certified Wood Flooring Installers, Certified Aging In Place Specialists, Certified for Lead Safety by the EPA, for Schluter Systems, and Mold Abatement. We are over-qualified renovation specialists ready for any every flooring and remodeling job.

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