In years past there were many toilets that were all the same thing. Thankfully, there has been a lot of innovation in this area. Water consumption has been reduced, and the mechanics of flushing have been greatly improved. However, there are several other toilet options to consider before choosing the bowl that you would like to take home. We have compiled this post so that you know exactly what to consider about your new toilet. 

Round Versus Elongated Bowls

The size of your bathroom will dictate your choice here. If you have a small bathroom, a round bowl will be necessary, but if there is plenty of room, and elongated bowl is more comfortable and stylish.

Flush Performance

Gravity flush is the most common type of toilet found in homes. They store water above the bowl in the tank, and when you push the lever, it opens up the bottom of the tank and gravity runs the water from the tank into the bowl and down the drain. These work great for most homes. However, some circumstances such as a very large family call for pressure assisted toilets. 

Pressure assisted toilets are mostly used commercially, but some people choose to install them at their residence. They contain a small mechanical tank within the main tank that forces a pressurized stream out into the bowl and down the drain. This reduces clogging problems, but they are much more complicated to install. To avoid any problems with installation, we highly recommend calling a licensed plumber if you choose a pressurized toilet.

Other Features

There has been a lot of innovation the past several years to make toilets a much cleaner and easier experience. When choosing a new toilet, you should also consider whether any of these features is useful to you and your family. Things such as:

A Quiet Close Lid – If you have a bedroom right next to the toilet and family members who can’t put the lid down gently, a quiet close lid is your solution. In addition, it will prevent small children from smashing their fingers under the lid. 

A Quick Release Lid – Some toilets are equipped with quick release lids to make cleaning much faster, easier, and more thorough. In addition, it makes changing your lid much easier when the time comes.

An Easy Clean Glaze – For those who hate cleaning their toilet, this feature is a must. The toilet is coated with an glaze that prevents dirt, buildup, and is even antibacterial.

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