When you are renovating your home, chances are, you will be hiring a specialist for each step of the renovation. We specialize in flooring and tile, another company will specialize in cabinets, a finish carpenter for trim, et cetera. When renovating bathrooms or remodeling a basement, many homeowners ask us if we can replace their old, inefficient windows with something better. Unfortunately, we don’t install windows, but we refer those customers to the window and door specialists over at Window Wise.

They have done great work for countless members of the Flooring Masters family. The biggest benefit of selecting your specialist contractors directly is that you are not paying a general contractor for that service, and are choosing the contractor yourself. A GC may choose the cheapest window installer to reap the most profit, and they may not be the best. 

Window Wise has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and between their three partners, over 75 years of experience installing windows and doors. Tony Kilburn, Kevin Denton, and Steve Hilton make customer service their top priority. Just like us here at Flooring Masters. In addition to quality work and customer service, Window Wise has very transparent pricing. They are up front about where every penny of a homeowner’s money is going. They are happy to help homeowners explore the pros and cons of every window and door that they offer, as well as install windows and doors provided by customers. Flooring Masters only works with honest contractors who do top quality work and take the best care of their customers.

Why Does Flooring Masters Always Refer Customers to Window Wise?

When we were part of a complete bathroom renovation in New Albany recently, the home had been built before indoor plumbing was available. The bathroom had been sectioned off from the living room, and had no windows. In addition, it had no exhaust fan to protect the room from the moisture put off by the shower. When we consulted with the homeowner, they wanted a privacy window installed, so we called Window Wise. All three parties worked together to make the bathroom renovation run smoothly. We gave them our timeline for the demolition, and they let us know when the window would be finished. This way, our crews were not climbing over one another, competing for space and outlets in a small bathroom. 

A Story About Windows and Doors

After we performed the demo on the old bathroom, Window Wise came and cut and framed the window. They installed it quickly and perfectly, as always. In addition, Window Wise installs doors. But in this case, they didn’t replace the old, solid oak door. Instead, they replaced the hinges and fixed the sagging for the homeowner. Once the door no longer scraped the floor we were able to replace the flooring beneath it. It now latched easily, and had a lock to make sure that the bathroom stayed private. Unexpected benefits for the customer. We tiled the floors, walls, and shower as soon as they were finished. A beautiful, seamless bathroom done in a neutral subway tile with a flawless window letting in plenty of natural light. By the end of the project, the homeowners had a gorgeous, modern bathroom, and didn’t have to sacrifice their antique, solid wood door in the process. 

Thanks to the expertise of Window Wise, the bathroom was better than new, and looked like it was part of the original floorplan. The homeowners were thrilled with their remodeled bathroom, and thrilled with the great care that Window Wise takes. This is why we refer them so frequently. They take great care of their customers, and great care of their work. So if you need a window or door installed, repaired, or replaced in addition to some new flooring, we can’t say enough good things about Window Wise. 

You can email them here, or give them a call at (812) 270-4599.

If you’d like to learn more about why we refer all window and door improvements to Window Wise, or have any questions about flooring or basement remodeling, you can email us through this form, or call us at (812) 944-6383.

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