The potential for your unfinished basement is unlimited, and the cost can vary wildly. There are endless functional possibilities for a basement finishing project. An office, a gym, a theater, a guest bedroom, a game room, a bar, or a combination! Once you have decided what function the space will serve, there are many decisions about design to make. Just like when we covered basement flooring trends, Flooring Masters is here to help you keep from getting decision fatigue with these basement finishing design ideas for your unfinished basement.

Basement Kitchen

Ever wish that you had a second oven on the holidays? Well we can help you make that happen with a basement kitchen. When this basement finishing design idea is used for an unfinished basement, it is usually to transform it into a studio apartment, or guest room. A studio apartment generates more income, and a guest room lets you keep some distance from the inlaws while they’re in town.

Basement Design Ideas Kitchen

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Guest Bedroom

We have experienced some added stress from having family in our homes during holidays or other events. It’s not that we don’t like them, but sharing a bathroom with 3 more people really makes things complicated. No one wants to wait for the bathroom, and no one wants unwarranted cooking advice. What better way to avoid both of these problems than by building a basement kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom?  

Studio Apartment

If you don’t often have family staying in your home, you can still use your basement as a separate living space, and make some money while you’re at it. As long as the basement has direct outside access, use this basement finishing design idea for your unfinished basement to give someone a great place to live while helping pay your mortgage.

Basement Design Ideas Bathroom

Game Room

Creating a game room is a fun, functional basement finishing design idea. The kids can play video games as long as the game isn’t on, and everyone can play board games together for some whole family fun. Game rooms are often built along with basement bars to compliment each other. So go ahead and start collecting those rare bourbons along with old neon lights. You’ll need a pool table, a dart board, and foosball table to finish the look.


One of the most popular basement finishing design ideas for your unfinished basement since the beginning of time, a bar. Great for having friends over to watch games, or just as a place to relax after a long day. Having your own bar is a beautiful thing, and a great excuse to start collecting wine or whiskey. 

Teen Bedroom

As kids age, they start to figure out who they are apart from their parents. They want a lot more privacy, and a teen bedroom is a great basement finishing design idea to accommodate them. In addition, they are still right there in your home safe and sound but with plenty of privacy. Don’t worry. They grow out of it.

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