There are as many certifications as there are tasks for remodeling a home. Some of them ensure that your contractor produces quality work. Some of them ensure that your contractor handles environmental hazards found in older homes safely. These flooring and remodeling certifications are all relevant to the quality work that we do.

Wood Flooring Installation Certification

Just like where we wrote about the importance of hiring a Certified Tile Installer last week, when you hire a Certified Wood Flooring Installer, you know that you are going to get a top quality hardwood floor that looks beautiful and lasts for many years to come. Keep in mind that a Certified Wood Flooring Installer will advise you against installing hardwood if there could be any moisture problems, and save you thousands of dollars. Be sure that anyone you hire to renovate is licensed, certified, insured, and you have seen their work. Or at least heard about their work from someone you trust.

Flooring Remodeling Certification Hardwood Bedroom

Lead Remodeling Safety Certification

If we have to demolish old walls with layers of lead paint, you can rest assured that this will be done safely because we are Lead Safety Certified by the EPA. All of our employees are required to be trained for our Lead Safety Certification. In addition, a Certified Renovator is required on any job that contains Lead Paint removal. Both of our Lead Carpenters, Ralph and Allison, are Certified Renovators. So you can rest assured that the lead paint on your old plaster walls will stay safely contained during demolition.

Mold Abatement Certification

Mold problems under the tub, behind the sink, or in the walls are often discovered during demo. We are trained and certified in mold abatement to handle this problem safely. This means that when we encounter mold in someone’s home, we can remove it safely. In addition, if the mold growth is part of a larger moisture problem that requires mold remediation, we are happy to help you identify the larger issues and get in touch with mold remediation specialists.

Mold is not a problem you can ignore. The longer mold grows, the higher the risk for serious structural damage and health issues. To avoid making the problem worse, you should never try to clean up significant mold growth yourself. Improper cleaning methods will aggravate the mold and cause it to disperse its spores which will spread the growth and increase the risk negative health effects. It is crucial that you fix the moisture problem in your home. Don’t hesitate to call a mold removal professional.

Flooring Remodeling Certification Malesha & Katie Bell Master Bathroom Remodel

Malesha & Katie Bell Master Bathroom Remodel

Certified Aging In Place Specialists

Certified Aging In Place Specialists are taught the technical, business, and customer service skills to give seniors the best contractors available. This certification also shows that safety is our top priority when remodeling for aging in place. In addition, homes remodeled by aging in place specialists are easier to visit for other seniors who need safety features such as non slip surfaces, grab bars, and other modifications.

We Are Certified to Install Schluter Systems With a Lifetime Warranty

We have been through all of Schluter’s training programs. This allows us to offer lifetime warranties on installation. If something goes wrong with a Schluter System product that we have installed, we will repair or replace it to full resolution. Full cost. All the way down to materials and labor. Check out this video to learn more about the incredible products that Schluter Systems offers along with their lifetime warranty.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

We are proud to say that we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 1990. You can check out our BBB profile here.

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