The perfect bathroom is both beautiful, and functional. However, the perfect bathroom is different for every person, and every home. A luxury bathroom with a steam shower, multiple shower heads, and a huge whirlpool tub sounds dreamy to all of us. But we can’t have that in a small 10 foot by 10 foot bathroom. We want to help you decide what the perfect bathroom looks like for you and your home. This article breaks down designs and considerations to help find the perfect bathroom for you and your home. 

The Perfect Bathoom

The Perfect Bathroom Floorplan

When its time to renovate, we often look toward what is trending at the moment. However, the way we use our bathrooms is much more important. Do you need a full length mirror? Bright vanity lighting? A double vanity? All of these are important questions. Ask what your bathroom can do for you, and then you’ll know what you should do for your bathroom remodel. Once you know exactly what you need from the space, then it’s time to tackle the floorplan. If you need a lot of counter or storage space for products and toiletries, skip the double vanity, and get a large single. If you need a lot of storage for bathroom items, a smaller shower is required. We are happy to help our customers make all of these give and take decisions to get the most out of their remodeled bathroom. 

The Perfect Bathroom Tile

We always recommend tile in the bathroom. It is gorgeous, durable, you can tile in a step-in shower, tile the walls, and install heated floors. No one likes stepping out of a hot shower onto a cold floor. In addition, tile comes with unlimited design choices. There are countless materials, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. On top of that, there are patterned tiles with gorgeous prints on them. Wait, there’s more, There are many tile laying patterns to choose from for certain shapes of tile. Ceramic tile is affordable, but homeowners who want the luxury of natural stone like granite or marble may choose to turn their bathrooms into a colosseum. Tile is always the best option for the perfect bathroom remodel. 

Can I Expand Bathroom Storage?

Small bathrooms often only have a vanity to house toiletries. However, there are many other options that can expand a small bathroom’s storage. With nearly every small bathroom that we remodel, we create recessed shelves in the shower. This is also possible outside of the shower, oftentimes alongside the vanity. Over the toilet storage has been a popular option for years. In a medium to large bathroom, extra cabinets, open floating shelves, and building closets are frequently used storage solutions. 

Bathroom Ideas


What Bathroom Fixtures to Choose?

The perfect bathroom centers on the sink fixture. A brand new shower, tile, tub, and vanity can be thrown off by the wrong choice of fixture. We often start with the fixtures, and complete the design based on that. This is something you’ll want to see in person. Purchase fixtures in person. Ordering online causes problems because photos often appear very different from reality. We recently installed a beautiful unlacquered brass fixture that will become coated with a gorgeous patina over time. Nickel, and flat black finishes have been very popular the past year. But we want to find what works best for you.

The Perfect Bathroom Expansion

Homeowners often forget that they can expand a small bathroom into an adjoining room. So if you never use the dining room, or the living room is bigger than it needs to be, walls can be moved. If you need room for any purpose, look at the adjoining rooms, and consider changing the home’s floorplan slightly. After an expansion, we can accommodate that large claw foot bath tub, and plenty of storage for the perfect expanded bathroom.

A Serene Feel – Accents and Colors

The bathroom is a place of solace. An escape from a busy life. It’s often the only place that we can get a moment alone each day. This has to be the focus when designing a new bathroom. It needs to have clean lines, to be easy to clean, and easy on the eyes. It needs to feel easy. Keep this in mind when choosing colors. Whites, neutrals, and blues promote relaxation. And White bathrooms are preferred for resale of a home.

In addition to these calming colors, we love bathrooms designed with bold accent colors. One or two royal blue tiles in a neutral or white backsplash really make the blue towels and curtains stand out. In addition, accent pieces on the counter and shelves go a long way to provide some contrast, and give guests beauty to appreciate. Make the perfect bathroom stand out with accents.

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