Finding the perfect walk in tub that fits your particular needs, and is in your budget takes some time. Before spending thousands of dollars on the tub and installation, there are many considerations to make. Should it have a shower head? Where should the grab bars be? Is the seat comfortable? Do I want water jets? Does it need to be wheelchair accessible? Before all of these questions send your head spinning, keep reading below. Flooring Masters is here to simplify things by helping you find the answer to the most important question – Which Walk In Tub Do I Choose For Aging In Place?

Different Walk In Tub Features for Aging In Place

  1. Basic – A simple walk in tub that you soak in, just like a regular bathtub. The only difference is that its has a door to walk in, and reduces the hazard of stepping over a high tub wall. 
  2. Wheelchair Accessible – This walk in tub feature has an extra wide door, and grab bars designed for the easiest route from the wheelchair into the tub.
  3. Hydrotherapeutic – This walk in tub has water jets that massage your aches and sore muscles away. Great for having an incredibly relaxing soak before bed.
  4. Aerotherapy – Similar to hydrotherapy, but the water jets are replaced with air jets for people with sensitive skin.
  5. Aromatherapy – This is an added feature to hydrotherapy or aromatherapy. While you are soaking, and being massaged by jets, the tub mixes minerals and aromatics into the water. This provides a spa experience at home.
  6. Bariatric – This tub is designed to accommodate seniors over 300lbs.


Walk In Tub

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Walk In Tub

Before you begin your search for the perfect walk in tub, you need to know how much room you have for it in your bathroom. Bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, and you need to know how big your walk-in tub can be to avoid knocking out a wall to install it. Simply measure the length, and width of the area where your current bathtub is. If you have extra space left over, don’t worry, most walk-in tubs come with a kit to cover that extra space and make it fit perfectly into your existing bathroom. 

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Do You Have Old Plumbing? 

Many walk-in tubs are equipped with quick drain systems. However, if you have an old drain pipe, it is probably not up to current code, and the fast draining system won’t work properly. You will either have to call a plumber to replace the drain pipe, or be left waiting in the tub for a long time as it drains. You can’t open the door until it has drained.

Walk In Tub Bathroom

How is Your Mobility?

Be honest with yourself. Can you step over an 8 inch high threshold? No? Then you need a tub with a low threshold. Do you have trouble getting up from a seated position? No? You need a tub with a high seat. Keep your mobility in mind when working with your aging in place specialists on where to put your hand rails in and around the tub.

Is a Walk In Tub Affordable?

Here is a list of this year’s affordable walk in bathtubs. 

A walk in shower may be more affordable for you. We covered walk in showers here.

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