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July 2021

What to Consider When Choosing your New Hardwood Flooring: Color

In addition to all of the different species of hardwood, there are several other things that must be considered when choosing your new hardwood flooring. Style, color, sheen, and width are just a few variables that need to be thought over. Lucky for you, Flooring Masters is helping you explore all of your hardwood options to so that you may make a well informed decision about every detail

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Bathroom Color Schemes

A brand new color scheme can completely transform your bathroom from the same old same old to fresh, bright and new! You may choose cool colors for a spa feel, warm colors for a cozy place to soak in the tub, or bright vibrant colors to energize you as you step out of the shower. No matter what color scheme you prefer, Flooring Masters is here to help guide

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Remodeling for Accessible Living

Remodeling for an Accessible Home Sometimes injury, disability or even just the normal effects of life make it more difficult for one or more occupants of a home to access basic utilities, such as the bath or shower, toilet and sinks. Accessible home design helps account for things we may take for granted such as reaching upper cabinets or navigating entrances and doorways. Accessible Home Design If the

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Luxury Vinyl Comes in Plank and Tile Formats

The popularity of luxury vinyl coming in both plank and tile format is undeniable. It is nothing like the vinyl of the past. Luxury vinyl is a versatile, durable, water resistant, gorgeous flooring with easy maintenance. This is a result of many manufacturing advancements. It is not the vinyl of the past. All things considered, especially price, luxury vinyl plank and tile is very hard to beat. It is

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Best Basement Remodeling 2021

A basement can be anything that you want it to be. It can be an office, a den, a playroom, literally anything. Remodeling your basement adds value and function to your home. If your basement is unfinished, finishing it out will really add some value to your home. A great way to take advantage of your basement is with plenty of shelving for storage. You can even use it

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